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How she will always add her smile to every moment. How she always shows genuine interest in people, I admire her approach toward life issues and her strong sense of humour.

I have consciously and unconsciously learned from her. Honestly, Blessing has inspired a change in me.  Yes! I have admired her personality.

Travelling roads with her is a blessing I want to enjoy every day. This, I'd tell her about the event.

Believe me, when I say some friends are golden!

But, today, I saw Blessing in a different mood,  her expression was not one to inspire confidence.

Something seem different from the way she talked today. she spoke in the past tense - She spoke about her family with tenderness and sparkle in her eyes, the love and comfort her family brings her, the lessons and everything her father taught her - her father, as she said, was a custodian of truth.

While I listened carefully to her storytelling, I could hear her voice crack in between words, making my heart beat fast.

I couldn't garner the courage to question why she is speaking in the language of the ancient -  I feared my asking her would open up more wounds.

How much I wanted to say sorry because now, it seems obvious that something had happened to her family. But I remained resolute with my speech. I guess because I've been a model of courtesy and propriety.

But she saved me the stress of asking; she let out the dreaded words! Her parent and two siblings died in an auto crash after they dropped her at the university during her year 1 first semester. She said, it was today, three years ago - she revisited memories.

While we sat on the bench in the department awaiting our next lecture, I lacked what more to say. I searched heavily for words to express how deeply am sorry for her loss, but words, indeed, failed me!

" How did you manage to do this? How do you show up strong, beautiful, all happy and smiling, energising, regardless?  How did you pull through?  I mean, you don't look like any of what you've been through. How? How?... Were all the words poured out of my mind with teary eyes?

In her words...

" I have a message I need to gift my world. There are some destines God has entrusted me to handle. I cannot afford to disappoint God. I don't want to let down those that look up to me to correct their lives. It will be too costly.

That's why I don't want to look like what I have been through. I need to show up strong for these destines so they don't wallow in darkness, so they don't miss their steps, so they don't make grave mistakes, so they can discover themselves and help generations coming under them out. I don't just want to speak it, I want to live it!

And, in situations where it seems my well of strength is draining, I run back to He who had sent me to refill it.

Good friend, I hope you discover that you were created for a purpose and until you found out about yourself, and recognize your potential, you cannot be valued because you aren't living your purpose.

It is a must for anyone who wants to live a purposeful life". She concludes.

As those grateful tears rolled down my cheeks. I said to her.

"Again, thank you for admitting me realise this fact about myself why I survive, the message I hold, about life and all it comprises. Thank you".

Dear Reader,

Can we connect more, what's your gift to the world you've been called to?

How do you intend to reach them?

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