Avoid Time Wasters

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Avoid Time Wasters!

Talking about time wasters, it is not only centred on the spiritual part. The delay most singles experience in their marital life nowadays is mostly from the wrong person they are in a relationship with.

It is not only the devil or the enemies from one's father's or mother's family that can cause a delay in one's marital life, being in a relationship with the wrong person who is a time-waster is also enough to debar the progress of one's journey in life is getting married early.

A time waster is like a parasite in the life of the person that has them as his or her relationship partner.

Some people are just in your life not for any other reason but just to cause a setback to you maritally.

Such people will only cause stagnation in your life, they won't move it forward, they have no contribution to it, and neither do they have any plan/s for you in their lives nor see you in their future.

If you are a lady and you are in a relationship with a time-waster, such a man will engage you in a relationship for up to five, eight, or ten years, he will turn you to Lord of the rings and won't raise any discussion about marriage. He will never make his mind known to you if he will marry you or not. When you ask him about his plans for marriage, he will have nothing to say. He will keep telling you "let's see how the relationship goes between us before we talk about marriage".

He will find it difficult to introduce you to important people in his life, like his family and friends. He will not also want to meet with your family; he will keep postponing meeting them each day. A time-waster man won't allow potential suitors to come near you but will drive them away. He knows that he will not marry you, and still won't permit another man to ask for your hand in marriage.

If you are a man and you are in a relationship with a time-waster, such a lady will just be in your life without adding any meaningful value to it. She is only attached to you and temporarily in your life, because of the benefits she is gaining from the relationship and once she is no longer receiving them, she will end the relationship with you.

All she will do is find you one excuse or the other and keep on giving you reason/s why she is not yet ready for marriage. Such a lady will always postpone marriage for you every year. Meeting your parents will be so hard for her to do, that's because she is not yet ready for an everlasting commitment with you.

A time-waster lady won't get married to you until you have millions or billions of naira in your account. She won't get married to you until you meet up with some of her demands even when she knows that you can't meet up with them.

Time wasters won't be sure if they will settle down in marriage with you and for this reason, they will keep giving you millions of reasons why they are not yet ready for marriage. They will always see you as a means to satisfy their sexual desire and nothing more.

Time Wasters won't be faithful to you in a relationship; they will surely get themselves involved in another one.

Time wasters are not difficult to observe in a relationship, there are some signs that you will see to identify them. Some of these are mentioned in this write-up. Once you observe that you are in a relationship with a time-waster, please flee from him or her before it gets too late.

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