Age is no barrier to marriage

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"Thank you for the lecture ma'am" Newton retorted sadly for refusing to go on a date with him like other ladies.

Many girls could have jumped at the idea of a date with the son of a major in London. A rich spoilt brat who uses ladies to gratify his sexual appetites and dumps them.

He must be wondering what sort of lady I am, but I needed to prove to him that not all ladies scurry for rich people.

We have ladies of discipline and morality who value hard work. They don't just go for free things knowing that they don't last but believe in the dignity of labour. They labour to feed and take care of themselves not dependent on men to survive.

They raise their shoulder high because they keep their dignity as a woman. Their bodies are preserved for Mr Right and not just any Dick, Harry, and Tom.

Some call them strong women, some say they are tough and independent. But one thing is sure, they are decent and well behaved.

You can count on them not following Aristos, Sugar daddies, nor can you name them,' runs girls'.

With these thoughts flooding my heart, I shrugged off the pity party for myself. I can weather any storm, knowing that there is a time for anything.

There is a time to stay single and a time to marry. I can not be desperate because I know that I shall not lack my mate according to the wisdom and understanding of the scripture.

My mate will locate me at any time.

Age is no barrier. I shall not allow my present state to intimidate.

You can marry early if God brings him early and it can be later as He wishes. Whatever age, you marry make sure you marry right and not wrongly.

Marriage can make you or ruin you for life. I rest on His unfailing word. I have seen women that marry at age forty-three, some fifties and some sixties. Yes, you heard me right. I need my peace of mind. I reasoned.

Some are married and want to come out of it, while some are trapped in a loveless marriage. I want a good, peaceful home and not the other way round.

"Hey, Derin what's up?" Lilian my friend came to my compartment.

"Fine I guess "

"What's the problem with you? You don't look fine at all."

"It's a little thing that happened and I am okay now!" I retorted firmly.

"Alright, girlfriend. One guy called Isaac, came looking for you. Is he your Mr Right?"

If only Lilian knows that I lost my peace earlier on because of the man I thought was going to be my man forever. Not knowing that he had been frolicking with Sophia and she is carrying his baby. Oops, poor me.

Life goes on, irrespective of his unfaithfulness. I think I must have overrated the guy, and he has proved that he is no better. Anyway, I am learning how not to depend on anyone but God.

"Derin, what's up with you? You are lost in thought again?"

"Lilian have you ever been disheartened earlier in a relationship?"

"Hahaha, so it's about Isaac then. He came in looking troubled and you are unsettled either. Better take it easy with men."

"Are all men the same?"

Exactly yes, I have been misled three times and I abstained on men, Lilian said.

We have good enthusiastic men out there and I will meet one very soon. I asserted in belief irrespective of the alley I was thinking.

Sometimes you have to drown the voice of the devil.

Then a common voice asserted, " You've established one already ". We both whirled in the way of the already.

It is repulsive that most women have to suffer such indecent and inhumane behaviour from people around us; people we even call our "dear" ones are the same people who inflict pain on us. As a woman, you face critics from religion, spouses, and society, and painfully, we are judged by our gender.

A crime is committed by both gender and the reason for the conflict is the woman.The same crimes by men are easily trashed and covered by society, but when it comes to a woman our tongues become thorns ready to devour, and then you are faced with religious condemnation and the society which was never there... What wrong have we committed to being called "women"?

In the area of marriage, every problem is from the woman. No child then she is barren. Beaten and molested, it is her fault. Some would say, she must have said some offensive words to warrant such beating! If she was raped then it's the kind of clothing. Just so you know well-dressed women are also victims of rape.Let's be more realistic, newborns, I mean infants who are sexually abused, will you say they weren't properly dressed? I'm not saying dressing isn't part of it but matters like this should not be blamed solely on women.

Woah!, when I think of this factor, I feel nauseous, God! Being condemned by your gender when they could also be a victim. Some time ago, I happened to be going through some writings, I saw something. A girl was constantly abused by her stepfather and the mother got to find out. She got into a state of dilemma and as a result of her indecisiveness, she decided to seek advice from friends.One of her advisors said it's nothing but normal, if she likes she should leave her marriage her husband will marry her daughter. Another said, she isn't his biological daughter and accused the girl of seducing her father, disregarding the feeling of the abused stepdaughter.

Please this should stop, we deserve to be treated fairly and equally.What wouldn't be tolerated by this gender shouldn't be tolerated by the other. It isn't a violation to be a woman.

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Sad to say but some are double standard

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In my society women above 25 are not acceptable for marriage. Lol there If Man are 10 year older than a girl its ok if same case goes for women then they like to give such women to a Man who is Already father of some children, or to a man who is far older than her.

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Strongly agreed. But according to me, age doesn't matter. Society has made stereotypes like these that above 25 females are not acceptable for marriage but this is wrong.

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