A true meaning of Friendship

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A True Meaning Of Friendship

Friendship can be interpreted as a relationship between two or more friends.

Friendship can be established into at least three parts. We have normal friendships, artificial friendships and authentic friendships.

A typical friendship can happen between two or more people who are just friends. They are not too close and do not have a deeper relationship together. This friendship cannot say much about itself. Their relationship does not grow beyond that level of friendship.

A false/fake friendship can also be called a toxic friendship. It is not a quality type of friendship. It is the complete opposite of what true/real friendship means. This friendship is also parasitic; the fake friends only want something from you without giving you anything in return. They can never be there to support you when you need them. They seem to be real friends, but they are not real friends that can be kept. It is also a one-sided friendship.

A true/real friendship, on the other hand, is a mutual and deep kind of friendship, it is the best out of all the types of friendship listed. It is the true definition/meaning of friendship. It is a relationship between two or more friends who share their minds, thoughts, feelings, ideas, deepest secrets, burdens, sorrow, and happiness. They find solutions to each other's/one other's problems and their friend's problems will also be their priority.

This type of friendship starts from a normal friendship, and from there, it grows into a true/real friendship. The bond that has connected them will keep them growing each day.

Friendship means to advise each other/one another rightly and to show each other/one the right part. Real friends won't judge you for who you are but will accept you for who you are, and if they see anything that needs to be corrected in you, they will do that in love. They do not forsake each other/one during trials and difficult times.

True friendship must be displayed in action not only by words. They will believe in themselves, defend/fight for themselves when people hurt them either emotionally or physically, they will support themselves, comfort themselves, encourage themselves, be patient with themselves, and also sympathize with themselves.

True friends are always safe around each other/one another, they do not plot any evil against themselves, they will not be selfish towards themselves, and they will always come to you even when you ask them to leave. True friendship permits the love for each other/one another to grow in their hearts and also allows the root of their love to grow deeper.

Friendship is a bond that we can never find anywhere. If you have true friends then you are too blessed to have this blessing. Because many people have a desire to get a true friend but they don't have one. So we should care for our friends and support them. And share our problems and discuss them with them. They are your supporters they will definitely support you and guide you. And according to me, it's too difficult to get a true friend nowadays. If someone has true friends nowadays then they are lucky enough.

Building a true friendship is not a day's work. It does not happen all of a sudden, you must have been building it for a long time. Also, you must know that before you can have this kind of friendship with your friends, you must have convinced them enough of your true friendship towards them.

Do you have any true friend? If you have then share his/her name and his/her quality that you like most in the comment box.

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