A message to the heartbroken Lady

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1 year ago

A Message To The Heartbroken Lady

Dear Lady,

I need you to realize that a broken connection does not mean that your end has come. I know that you have put all your best into that relationship to make it work out, but still not going the way you want it to be, and at the end of everything, he still broke up with you.

Have you ever thought that God might be saving you from a danger that is ahead of you in the future? Many times, we are always blinded with love to see some things that might endanger our lives or cost us a lot.

When God opens your inner eyes to some things then you will know how grateful you should be and realize that truly you do not deserve to be in that relationship, but instead, you deserve to be in the best relationship with the best man.

I have seen a case where a man broke up with a lady and went ahead to marry someone else, and a few years after the marriage, he died in a car accident while the lady whom he broke up with is still in her marriage up till now. What if they both end up in marriage, won't the lady be a widow by now? Sometimes this kind of thing might just happen just for your good.

If a man breaks up with you, that doesn't mean that you will remain single for life or that you won't find someone else that is much better than him. I do tell ladies who come to me for advice that for the relationship to have ended, it means that God is involved in it and also it means that the best for your life is yet to come.

Dear lady, there's best and there is still best. No man that deserves you will ever leave you. If he is meant for you, then he is meant to stay with you. Not minding your challenging times, the health issues you might be having, whether you are still beautiful as before or not, if he has true love for you he will surely stay.

Enough of seeing you soaking your pillow with tears always when a man breaks up with you; I know that it is not easy but you just have to be strong. You are a queen that deserves to be treated specially and not to be maltreated by just any man, and for that to be achieved, you deserve a real king (responsible man). An ordinary man doesn't deserve a queen like you, but a real man!

Stop forcing any relationship to work out. when you keep on forcing it and the foundation of that relationship is not solid, in the long run, you will be the one to suffer for it. When you keep on enduring during courtship, for how many years would you have to endure such a man in marriage?

A man that loves and cares for you will never treat you as a nonentity or as if you do not exist.

A man that loves you will keep to his promise and will find a million ways to prove his love for you or convince you that he truly loves you.

A man that truly loves you will never pretend to be in love with you when he is out of love.

A man that truly loves you will never break your heart or be playing with it like a toy because you really meant a lot to him and also because he knows your worth.

A man that truly loves you will respect you and your feelings.

A man that truly loves you will always be there for you even when it is not convenient for him.

Do not allow any man to create any fear in you that you will never find someone like him, is he your creator?

It is time you brace yourself up as the queen that you are and get yourself prepared for the real man that is on your way.

May you never miss it maritally!

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1 year ago


Coz you deserve someone better

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1 year ago

Indeed we should look at the positive part of things instead of the negative ones, it hurts though when the one you love leaves to get married to another but just like you said, we do not why it happened just like in the story aforementioned of the man who married another lady and died in an accident.

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1 year ago

Yes right. We should never give too much value to someone if we don't get the same value that we deserve. Everyone has self-respect.

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1 year ago

Yes everyone does.

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1 year ago