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Hey people! How are you today. My usual time for publishing content is transmuted since I have errands this morning.

Could you tell me what is your plans in life? It's because I'm still knowing what really is my ambition. I couldn't tell what it is. Well, aside from uplifting my life from poverty, I couldn't tell what's next. I'm a bit of confuse. I still need an answer.

All of us have individual desires in life. The majority of us really wanted to have a sumptuous in life. We want to achieve something that is good. In my case I still figuring out what's next if ever I'll given a chance by God to be rich. Maybe, I can spend my life helping other people. Well, what will I do with my money if ever there are someone needs it. I'm just thinking of simulation, so don't take this seriously 😅.

Do you feel what would be our life after death? For me I'm still anxious because I didn't mean all the commands of God. Life has its end. This is the one of the reality that is inevitable. Let's put this in a perspective. What if one day we face death and we can't assure what would be our next destination. Do you still believe that there is consciousness after life?

I found answers from the scripture. I can say that it is really true that we have two destination, it depends were we go through our works. The world we have is just a preparation to enter another phase of life. It is called eternal destination. Where ever you are from the two, you can't change it forever. We just be careful about this. This makes me feel worry. We can't scape fate.

The reason why I share this to you is I just want to share how my minds works. Actually, I'm focusing about fate. I always think about final destination. Especially when I first encounter the bible and read some of the passage, giving the vivid idea that there is eternal life. What are your thoughts about this? Do still believe that we have this despite the advent of technology?

For some reason I'm still believing that we have our individual destination. I couldn't tell where and when does it take. The only credence that I hold is that there is always room for everything. If you're an atheist you're probably refute my statement here cause you just have a believe that we passed away without bringing our consciousness.

Don't be worry

Life has many hearsays. Some people says we shouldn't be anxious because it can affect our performance. I think it's reasonable but in some point it is inevitable for us to think this kind of stuff. Don't be worry always have a good disposition. It will make your life ease from struggles. We have so many worries and apprehensions in life . Sometimes we are afraid of being rejected.

I'm also life that, I'm afraid of being maligned in front of the crowd. It's somethings that bothers me. To avoid unnecessary things to happen I just flee from a pressure situation, like I don't want to experience such negative sentiment. I don't want to feel being upset. I just want a normal life. There is no room for any kind of discrimination.

Boast your self-esteem

When you say respect yourself, this always pertains to boasting your self-esteem. You are about to leave some negative thoughts on your mind. You know what some psychologist give advice to those people who has suffered from a great emotions, especially being bullied. Always give a time to yourself, merit yourself for what you have done great.

It something like you are giving an importance to yourself. Don't be dictate by others or don't be controlled by some outside forces. In life there are so many intervention. Sometimes it is a good intervention and sometimes a negative one. You are in control of your thoughts, if you tend to receive negativities don't allow to prevails on your side. Be steadfast and make yourself feel boast.

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