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Perry Metzger is a well known cryptographer, cypherpunk, and computer security expert, who works as a security consultant for some major companies. He also owns the cryptography mailing list where Bitcoin was first released. Perry shares his top 5 Privacy and Digital Security tips. The start of a new decade is a great time to do a privacy detox and create some good habits! We also talk about some tips from Snowden.

Using a password manager

Time stamps:


TIP 1: Operating Systems


TIP 2: Backups


TIP 3: Best Password Practices


TIP 4: Best Multifactor Tools


TIP 5: SMS and Email are inherently insecure


IMPORTANT PSA about encryption

YubiKey for 2Factor Authentication:



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First of all, i didnt yet watched the full video. He lists why it is important to update your Microsoft and Apple operating system. But if privacy, security, and realibility is important to you, then you should NEVER EVER use a Microsoft/Google/Apple made operating system in your computer. These software will send all of your data to microsoft/google/apple through your gmail/apple store/and google play accounts, including your passwords, browsing history, bookmarks. Skype creates a shot from your camera, and uploads it to Microsoft, sends all of your data to google if you are logged into your account, and microsoft also sends the list of your files on your computer, AND if you have encrypted your drive, it will also send the encryption keys and password for your drive encryption to microsoft. All of the data is automatically shared with NSA and upper levels of american police.

To avoid this, you must wipe every remnants of google, facebook, apple, microsoft from your computer, and you should install a PROPER linux distribution, such as Debian Linux (and do not create an account in chromium, DO NOT USE GMAIL, DO NOT TURN ON DATA SYNC).

Then you may create a truecrypt partition and encrypt it with a password you never used before, and a password you will NOT enter under apple/google/microsoft operating system ever, under any circumistances.

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3 months ago

That's super helpful info! Also, watch the video ;) He provides a range of tips depending on the threat model of the person. Your average person isn't going to run linux, so it's important still provide tips for those less-savvy people on how to keep their devices more secure.

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3 months ago
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