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Proud moment

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9 months ago

How proud are you when your child achieved more than what you expected?

Beinhgwith my son everyday is exciting, full of happiness and fulfillment. As young as he is, he knows how to read and write the alphabets, write and read the numbers; and, count from 1 to 30. So proud mom here.

Aside from that, he knows the different shapes, he is also into coloring drawings he watches on TV or youtube.

What amazes me when he drew a stick person which he called her Peppa Pig. It is overwhelming as it was his first drawing at the age of 3.

I am and will always be proud.

Just sharing my sentiments.

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same here as a mother I am still proud of my 3 year old son even though all he have in mind is reasoning and excuses such a wonderful feeling that we see our children learningin different ways in life.

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User's avatar eve
9 months ago

Children are really fun to be with. And, stress reliever as well

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9 months ago