Do you now hate the word "narcissism" as much as I do?

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7 months ago

A word that's been tossed left, right and center whether by people who know nothing about the word, or those who have limited knowledge of word, like those people who follow who prefer to get their knowledge from social media spaces rather than picking up a book and read, that word is the word "Narcissism narcissist, narcissistic". It might sound weird but over time, I have come to loathe that word seriously as many people who use it in a conversation have little to no idea what it really means. Nowadays, even a little trait of self absorption is called narcissism, people with heightened self confidence are called narcissists .People who just like looking good for themselves and like a bit of attention are called narcissists, even thought the desire of being the center of attention is a trait of narcissists, you can't judge by that one thing. The thing is, we all have narcicisstic traits within us but only those who are on the extreme spectrum can be labeled narcissists. In relationships? That's probably the worst! While all forms of abuse are strictly unhealthy in a relationship, not all abusive partners are narcissists. I have read a couple of stories on Quora in spaces that discuss issues like this but the funny thing is that some of these stories and the details given by the writer of a supposedly narcissistic partner have really nothing to do with narcissism, it's either the person is withholding some details or they don't outright know what narcissism means.

Unpopular truth: Narcissism isn't always bad.

While the negative forms of narcissism can have devastating effects on the victim, not all forms of narcicissism are bad. The problem isn't the narcissism but the abuse. There's a form of narcissism known as autonomous narcissism that can can be of benefit to the bearer. They can become more productive, ambitious, resilient and even caring, a word we believed does not exist in a narcissist's vocabulary. When we begin tossing the word around to deserving and undeserving circumstances, we are turning and otherwise very serious situation into something trivial, this is a form of insult to those people who have really been victims of true narcissistic abuse.

I can say that even the conventional definition of narcissism doesn't do the word much justice. Unless diagnosed by a specialist in the field or unless thus said person exhibit very obvious signs of being a narcissist, it is not right to call a person that. It's like comparing a cigarette seller to a cocaine dealer. We all agree that's far from fair.

The topic of narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a very broad one and I have no intentions of going into details about what it means, I mean, with the way it's been carried about this days, even a five year old has the slightest hint of what it means. Still there's more to it. If it is the feel of the pronunciation of the word coming out of your mouth is the reason you use it all too often, pick up a good book about it so that you can pronounce it for as much as you can while also acquiring more knowledge about it in the process!

Eso es todo amigos, ¬°gracias por leer!



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7 months ago


A Narcis to me will always be a flower. (WWW.NARCIS.NL)

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7 months ago

This is a very interesting take. You are right. Narcissism is not always bad. A little bit of it is actually healthy. Some people actually needs to learn it. It is self love after all. It only turns bad when it becomes excessive.

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7 months ago

That's right as it occurs on different spectrum, the abusive kind is the one we're strongly against.

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7 months ago