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Renewable Energy and Climate Change - Understanding the Future of Our Planet

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5 months ago

The best way to understand our planet is through the lens of science.

But it's not enough to just take a tour around Earth. We need to go back in time and explore how everything got started. That means looking at climate change, energy use, and all the ways that humans have been impacting this planet for centuries.

Luckily, there are scientists who specialize in these topics but they're usually very technical and intimidating for most people.

So here's an overview of what you need to know about climate change and renewable energy: what it is, why it matters so much now more than ever before, and what the future might look like if we don't take action soon.

Climate Change & Renewable Energy

Climate change is a global phenomenon that has been happening for centuries (if not longer), but for the past few decades have seen some of the most rapid changes, and we're now heading toward a point where consequences are unavoidable.

Climate change is measured by several factors: temperature, precipitation patterns (rainfall, snowfall), and extreme weather events like hurricanes and wildfires. All of these factors directly affect our environment including plants and animals which in turn affects their habitats as well as our own.

Our actions can help mitigate climate change by helping to reduce greenhouse gases through renewable energy production, switching from fossil fuels to more sustainable practices like wind or solar power; plus there's also plenty we can do at home to protect the planet like recycling, reusing, and reducing waste.

Greenhouse Gase

Greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change. They trap heat in our atmosphere and prevent it from escaping into space. This is why scientists have been monitoring greenhouse gas levels for decades; as far back as 1958 when a scientist named Charles David Keeling used oxygen isotopes to track carbon dioxide levels in Earth's atmosphere over time.

We've known that human activity was changing the composition of the air we breathe. In more recent years, other key greenhouse gases have been added to this list like methane (methane emissions mainly come from agriculture) and nitrous oxide (likewise from farming).

Over time, these concentrations keep rising - 2015 saw the highest CO2 readings ever recorded.

More specifically, we know that there are three main sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

We have the energy sector (fuel for electricity and heat), industrial processes/manufacturing, and agriculture. When it comes to energy in particular, fossil fuels like coal and oil are still king in the United States.

This is largely due to the amount of infrastructure already in place. Modern power plants use burning fossil fuels as their source of fuel, which means they need to be updated or replaced if we're going to switch away from such a heavy reliance on them.

But it's not just an issue with technology. But changing our ways will also mean changing laws and regulations and potentially increasing costs. The good news is that wind turbines or solar panels don't require any fuel at all they're easy to start using and can be installed quickly. In some places, it only takes a few weeks to install!

End Game By Einstein

Overall, renewable energy like wind or solar power is the future of our planet. The amount of greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere is directly related to climate change, with higher concentrations leading to more extreme weather events that put human safety as well as existing ecosystems at risk.

There are also other factors at play that affect climate change, emissions from things like grassland fires or oil drilling have been increasing over time in recent decades.

But ultimately, if we want a better world for ourselves and our children's children then we need to take action now on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and making positive changes that will help save our planet.

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Written by   162
5 months ago
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It's all human's fault. We have to preserve our green planet and bring our Planet Earth to life.. Because nowadays our planet is so dead. I cry for our planet. If we continue to destroy our planet then we will all be at end.

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5 months ago

right now what I can say is we have used almost all of our resources here on this planet . we need to sit down and fix these energy issues if not we may end up burning this planet.

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5 months ago

Yes so true, if that time will come, all of us will suffer and slowly burning 🥵🥵🥵🥵 too. What I so worrried about is the future of our young ones. Could they still breathe fresh air, or could they still watch the beautiful blue sky and could they still enjoy the clear crystal river or seas if all of our resources has been destroyed? I am so worried about my future grandchildren..

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5 months ago