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Behind in Life

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5 months ago

Good day, mga ka read cash! How are you doing today? I just felt compelled to write today, despite the fact that it is raining outside. I just wanted to tell you about a story that helped me realize a lot of things about my current situation.

My friend graduated (virtually) yesterday, and I'm so proud of her. For the past seven years, we've been friends. I knew her because we were both student athletes on the same high school team. She succeeded despite a great deal of difficulty. As a friend, I am aware that she faces numerous challenges, especially finances. I know she's struggling even though she didn't speak or tell me all about her condition. She's one of those pals that is always willing to listen to your problems but only discloses her own when you ask. If you don't ask her, she would never tell you about her predicament. Seeing my friends succeed made me very happy. I'm really proud of her.

Have you ever had the feeling that you were the only one left behind? And you always blame yourself for not putting in your best effort. Well! Not too long ago, I felt “behind” in my life. When I looked at other people my age,they were crushing it: They had great jobs, great partners, cool possessions, and more. As for me, Im still living in my Mom’s house , still struggling to finish my degree however, I just came to realize that I'm not a failure. All of those who are currently living their dreams are moving at their own pace. They are also going through a difficult time. They start in the same place you are right now: scared, confused, feeling like you've reached your limit and have a lot of self-doubt, and it feels like you're constantly invalidating yourself, repeatedly felt like I was five years behind where I “should” be.

Comparing ourselves to others and idealizing their best qualities while undervaluing our own are self-defeating behaviors that damage our self-esteem. Many of us, however, do this because of the competitive nature of our world. As a result of our own self-defeating thoughts throughout our life.

I still catch my mind comparing myself to the ideals we are constantly subjected to by society and feeling like I will never catch up. But then I center myself and realize I’m comparing myself to an ideal that is not necessarily applicable to me, and that I need to stay true to my own path. Life is much more personal, complex, and nuanced.

Perhaps there are times when you feel five years behind. But really, you’re constantly learning about yourself and sculpting a life that is a reflection of that, and that’s exactly where you need to be.

Celebrate the path of others but most importantly, celebrate your own, because you’ve likely been living a pretty honest existence all along.

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Written by   4
5 months ago
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Congrats to your friend! I can relate too I'm left behind supposedly I will graduate this year but due to circumstances I need to transfer and now I become an irregular student. Halos nawalan ako ng gana sa studies ko kasi yung feeling na left behind ka na sila ay magtatapos. But many realizations instead of comparing my life to others I need to focus on my own and everything has perfect timing and in God's well.

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5 months ago