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Road To Happiness

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11 months ago
  • Am pretty sure we might have heard some statement like . The road to happiness, the journey to happiness etc

Many people today believe happiness is a destination that one needs to reach in life, some believe happiness is a goal that all humans want to achieve. I have even heard some say happiness is a stage in life that one must obtain. And one conmon mistake we all make is the fact that we calculate happiness based on our possession, we feel only the wealthy can be happy, only when i have it all can i truely be happy, only when i achieve my goals and dreams can i find true happiness. Based on this mindset many go through hell just to achieve their goal, humans Today do all sort of things even take jobs they hate as long as it pays them well they would obtain happiness, many work 24/7 Just to obtain that happiness, to get to their final destination which is a happy and fullfilled life. The quest for happiness has become the cause of our sadness.

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is not a destination, its the journey itself, happiness is not a goal, rather its the process, happiness is not the future, its the present. Happiness is not based on your material possessions, its how rich you are at heart. I used to think i needed to get a good job, be financially independent, change my wardrobe and settle down before i could enjoy my relationship and life. But the truth is that in life, problems never end, there is always an issue that would need your attention, there is always a problem that needs to be solved. If you keep on waiting for all these to end before you can be happy, be prepared to wait your whole life. Now dont get me wrong, having material possessions, dreams, goals and ambitions are important, but it should not be a major factor to gain happiness. I lost my relationship and so much more because i failed to see the present, i was so bent of securing our future happiness that i failed to see what was right in front of me. I was content with the fact that i would one day achieve my dreams and goals that i was blinded to the point i could not see the blessings in front of me. Happiness is now not the future.

Happiness is about enjoying the moment, its about enjoying the process not the result, your goal is to be successful, enjoy the process, the road may be tough and rough, libe your life to the fullest, dont wait till you get there before you can be happy, live each day like its your last, enjoy every minute of it. be contented with the little you have,the funny thing about happiness is, if you cant appreciate the little you have now, you can never appreciate the big things. Be contented with the little you have, do things you love doing.

Another mistake we often make is that we place the source of our happiness on one person or on a particular thing. Love your self. Be happy, you dont have to gain it all to be happy, enjoy every process of life no matter the situation you are going through, remember the problem is not the current situation you fnd yourself, it is your mindset towards it. Whatever you see and take as a problem becomes that way.

Try to make others happy along the way, make memories, people may forget the things you said, they may even forget ysome of the things you did for them. But they would always remember does happy moments, because that time you shined brightest in their lives. The future is now, , how you live your life and the decisions you take now determines how you would see your life in the Future.

i know it might actually be hard to be happy in difficult situations but be happy, like they say, if life gives you lemons make lemonade.

Short Word Of Encouragement

  • I am happy not because i am where i want to be, rather i am happy because i am nolonger in the position i started, i am half way where i want to be.

  • I am happy not because i have everything i need, i am happy because, i may not have it all right now but i am contented with the little i have, that it would one day be more than enough for me.

  • I am happy not because things are going my way right now, i am happy because there is hope in Christ that i can overcome every obstacle that comes my way.

  • I happy not because i am the most loved person on earth, i am happy because i have an Heavenly father who loves me beyond words.

  • I am happy not because i have someone who always check up on me 24/7 or belives in me totally, i am happy because God knows i am strong enough to stand alone because He is by my side, so i need no one else.

  • Have a blessed day guys and be happy

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Written by   15
11 months ago
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