Problems I've faced in Facebook businesses and solutions I've thought of

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These days Facebook based businesses has grown much. These businesses has a lot of possibilities if the owners can continue it in the long run.

As there are lots of possibilities, there are also lots of problems. I, personally has been into Facebook businesses for a long time and I'm experiencing some problems.

I've shared an article before about my sister's Facebook based product reselling business. I'll attach the link with it so that you can know what kind business we are into.


Along with women's products my sister also sell some men's clothing too.

You know when there is a problem, there has to be a solution. More precisely, there must be a solution. You just need to seek for the solution of that particular problem.

So here in my article I'll share problems of Facebook based product reselling businesses which I've experienced and what kind is solutions I've thought of.

First of all let me share with you what kind of problems I've faced from our business:

1)I've seen there are tons of people are into this business along with some fraudsters too. Beside not all of them ensures the product quality that well.

So ultimately the consumer's has to go through some problems. Because they are providing the good amount of money but in return not all the consumer's are getting the good quality product.

2)As there are tons of sellers so it's tough for the consumer to choose where to go and how he will go to the right shop.

Most of the time I've seen there are silent competition going on between the sellers. Because of sellers competitiveness and numerous sellers, the consumers again fall into dilemma.

3)There also a decent amount of fake seller who sells fake products. As there are no shop monitoring system like rating system so the customers don't know whether the shop is fake or not.

4) All the sells have done in an individual Facebook group.So if a customer isn't a member of that selling group,he will surely miss all the deals.

So to buy something he has to be a member of that group. Again there are tons of Facebook groups. This is sometimes disturbing, confusing, troubling for a Facebook user.

How many groups do I need to enter to get the right product? This is the most inconvenient way of business.

5)Another problem of Facebook businesses are if any customer is scammed he can't take any action against that shop.

On the other hand he can't make someone aware that this page is selling low quality products.Because of those shops anonymity.

6)And the last problem I've seen is the pricing issue.

If you want to buy a women's clothing you'll see the same product is being sold at different prices by different shops.

As I'm into a Facebook based reselling business I've encountered these problems. I know some people here who is also at Facebook businesses.

I couldn't remember her name but I know she was selling crochet.And I know another person who used to sell orchids. As I've said most of us are into Facebook businesses.

Now what I've thought of about those mentioned problems I've experienced in my business life?

- Because of numerous sellers and numerous Facebook shops are there so we need to rearrange them according to the products they are selling.

I've thought of developing a website or an mobile app where any customer can find all the Facebook shops at their doorstep. So that any customer don't have to search for groups and join them.

They can simply visit the site or open the app and see all the products and all the shops. So in order to tackle overgrowing shops we need to develop something where all the shops will be there.

Just like a shopping mall, what a shopping mall is consist of?In a shopping mall you'll find every little shops that makes an entire mall. Like this I want to bring all the Facebook resellers under one umbrella.

This is beneficiary for both the sellers and the customers.That way sellers can find their target customers easily. On the other hand customers can find their desired shops without any hassles.

-As in Facebook not all of them ensures product quality and better pricing so we can introduce an page/shop rating system.So in that website or in the app there has to be a rating system.That way the customer will be aware of the shop.

-All the shops has to provide the price along with their products publicly.There should not be any thing like "To know the price inbox please". If the customers find the prices reasonable so they will surely buy your product.

-As their are shop rating system so if any shop misbehaves, the customers can take any action.

All of the above mentioned problems can be solved by bringing all the shops under an umbrella.

I think Facebook shop owners like me and my sister comes together we can make our businesses more profitable and customer friendly.

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