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My sister's customised jewellery making startup! A girl with dreams!

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9 months ago

My sister Tasnima, who is currently a undergraduate student, about to complete her BSS Hon's. She pursuing her higher education from a renowned university.

Along with her study she is an entrepreneur who mainly makes jewellery and sells them online.

My article will tell the story of my sister's jewellery making and selling journey. From where and how she started and how she manages everything because as she is still a student so she have to careful about her studies.

Almost a year back my sister wasn't making enough money to continue her study smoothly. She was going through hard times you know as a student there are lots of costs.

So was thinking of how to earn few extra money to continue her study smoothly and most importantly worry free.

Because if you are worried or pretty much concerned about something ,you'll not be able to concentrate on your studies.

The same thing happened with my sister so she was searching for a stable earning source.

She had few tuitions where she was earning some money.She started saving some money to use them as capital. What is the idea she was working upon?

She made a plan to sell jewellery items. As she was also a woman so she knew the market of customized ornaments.

  • Actually customized ornaments have a big market because everyone have their own preferences.

    So they want to wear ornaments according to the dress, colour, occasion, mood, weather etc.

  • To make sure you are wearing the perfect ornaments for the perfect occasion there is not alternative to customised ornaments.

  • Like in spring season people want to wear flower type ornaments matching with their dress. If someone is wearing yellow dress they want to make sure they are wearing yellow flower ornaments.

I think you've already understand the market that's why my sister was very much interested in customised jewellery making and used all her capital to buy necessary instruments.

She is very creative and hardworking that she can make any ornaments with simple materials.Sometimes I look at her works and mesmerized.

Last year when the pandemic hit everywhere people are bound to stay at home. She used that free time how to make customised jewellery and to sell the jewelleries she used facebook business integrations.

I'll be adding some photos of her handmade jewellery items than you'll be amazed seeing her works.After all ,the pandemic she earned a lot of money from her jewellery business and now her business is well settled strongly.

Now my sister has a strong business foundation.

Sometimes she also attended some women's entrepreneur exhibitions.There she was praised highly for her outstanding works.

Why I'm sharing my sister's journey?If you are interested to be an entrepreneur or setting up your own business than don't late start now.

My sister's idea of jewellery making can make a revolution trust me.

The prices of her jewellery items is set based on two ways:

1) How much time and efforts she is giving

2) How many raw materials she is using to make a jewellery item

Materials are main cause you've to buy the materials from outside market. If the raw materials prices are high that the ornaments will be priced high. But high prices ornaments will not be sold in great number.

So she wants to keep a reasonable price so that both my sister and the customer can be benefitted. It's win-win situation for the creator and the recipient.

Average price of per items she sold at 3-4$. But not more than 5$. You are hardworking giving people the best products but if the price is high they'll not be able to buy them.

My sister was very careful on the prices she set.On the other hand, the jewellery items should be sustainable.

So she need to be very careful on this side too. People may buy poor quality products one or two time knowingly or unknowingly but in the long run your business will not grow.

To have some loyal customers you should give the customers the best product you can. So that they will buy from your shop again and again.

The exact same thing my sister has implemented on her jewellery making business.

Though she mainly running her business online but she has a dream of setting up a permanent shop.

Instead of permanent shops there are lots of benefits of having an online shop because you don't have to pay monthly rent to show owner.Your money is saving and you can use this money anywhere. So...

  • If you are want to set up your own business try customised jewellery making because it has a never ending market. The existing market is expanding day by day because we all have own preferences. Just reflect your imaginations on the jewelleries you are making.

The most interesting fact is my sister delivers the products on her own.

As she is delivering her own packages so she doesn't have to keep a delivery man. Here she is also saving the monthly expenses of a delivery man.

One thing I must say, you just need to get over your fear and put your first step today just like my sister did!

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Written by   119
9 months ago
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Wow! Your sister's story is very inspiring. A good example of how to take advantage of opportunities in times of adversity. I believe that everyone has a talent, and he is obliged to use it.

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9 months ago

All the appreciations should be for my sister. Because it is her who accomplished her dreams with her own hands. Yes we all have some ideas but we have fear. We don't have confidence should we move on or not?

I try to reflect that if just need to come out of your fear and put your first step outside and see the rest. I also tried to provide a business idea which have a never ending market.

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9 months ago