My mother's advices are the guidelines of lifetime

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As a child in my childhood, I have received lots of advices from my mother. Today at the dining table when I was talking to my mother I thought I should write about them.

So here I'm sharing some of her life teachings and guidelines that is helped me yesterday, helping me today and will help me tomorrow.

  • Leaving all the school affairs in school

When I was a kid, my mother used to take me to school and after finishing school she used to bring me home. In our childhood we had a tendency to talk more.

So when I was coming home with my mother, I used to talk a lot about what has happened today, who hasn't brought homework today, who got punished for their misdeeds etc. things.

But at that moment she said to me that I should leave all the school affairs in school. I shouldn't bring those memories outside school.

Than at that moment as I was a kid, I didn't understand why she forbade me to tell all school affairs. But now as I grow older, I understand every single word of my mother.

We all have some personal life and we shouldn't bring outside topics into our personal life. We can have a peaceful sleep as long as we can ignore outside topics. Our office problems should be at office.

We should not bring our office problems at our dining table.There is specific room for specific events and we shouldn't interfere.

So when we are at the dinning table, let's just be focused on the food, family members,us and most importantly let's focus on the family. Thus we are keeping other problems outside of our family affairs.

So my mother taught me wherever and whenever you are, just be there according to the condition.

  • Ensuring good quality and perfection over mere quantity

It doesn't matter what type of household chores I'm doing or she is doing she always prefers quality over quantity. Though the work can time more time than usual but my mother always ensures quality.

She always says,"Why will you do the same work again and again to get the perfection? Why don't you take time and if requires take some extra minutes so that you don't have to do the same work again and again to get the perfection.

You can get perfection in your first attempt only of you give more time, if you have dedication and oviously patience."

She also says,"You may have worked less but that doesn't matter if you have ensured quality and perfection. On the other hand you can work all day long but if it doesn't match the perfection level, all your tough labor will go in vain."

  • You can tie someone's hand along with his leg but you can't tie someone's love.

Though my mother used this sentence as a strong love metaphor but it's undoubtedly true. We all know how strongly love can influence someone over something.

Well yes my mother said this about being loved. You can't refrain anyone from being loved and to love someone because human mind is uncontrollable.

In fact sometimes we've also seen that someone himself can't control his mind.

So if your mind loves someone and if you have strong commitment between you and your loved one's than it'll useless to control your mind.

As love is a untouchable feeling and that's why it's completely impossible to erase some love memories from someone's head.

Those memories may not be felt everyday but that doesn't mean you've successfully forgotten that.

So when you are in this untouchable love, make sure you have the right person beside you.So that both of you can be happy at the end of the day.

  • About being consistent every day

I've a tendency of submitting my assignments before the last of minute. That is a bad habit because before the submission date, I've to work all day long without any break.

I had time in my hand and as I didn't utilize them so before the submission date I had to undertake tons of pressure.

To avoid this type of situation my mother always says," When you've to submit your papers on a exact date and when you have at least seven days in your hand than don't keep your works for the last day.

At least write 5 sentences a day, after 7 days you'll have 35 sentences in your notebook. This is obviously better than having nothing and you don't have to take so much pressure before the submission."

My mother also emphasises on doing at least a little amount every day and be consistent in every works you are doing.No, it shouldn't have to be class assignments every time.

When you have to finish something before a date, perform that work consistently so that you'll not have to take massive pressure before the completion date.

  • Thanking Almighty for the blessings

In this context my mother says, "There are thousands of homeless, jobless, hungry people and now look at you. You are free from any type of diseases and most importantly you've food on the table and now imagine how much blessed and lucky you are?"

So shouldn't webe both thankful and heavily grateful for the blessings from Almighty? We should keep some time everyday to thank Almighty.

And the last most valuable advice she has given me when I grow up is you'll understand the value of money when you are earning it.

Than you'll know it is not easy to earn money. Now I am old enough to earn money and I know how hard it is.This advice from my mother always refrain myself from overspending.

These are not only advice, these are guidelines of leading a happy life. Every single mother on this earth wants their children to be happy, prosperous and strong.

In your childhood you may have also got some advice. It'll be wonderful if you also share your motherly teachings with us.

Lots of prayers and well wishes for all the mother's around the globe.

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Mom always tell us" Pray before the thunder hits you " Meaning prepare things ahead of time, because when things already hit the road, you have no time to have it. It's her girl's scout instinct that always tell us that. And it makes me become her version of preparing things ahead of time or thinking things and preparing what's gonna happen ahead of it. Thanks for sharing the wisdom of your mother. God bless to both of you.

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2 years ago