My freelance content creating diary and why it is best?

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When we grow up we are burdened with tons of responsibilities. Among all the responsibilities, getting a job and supporting livelihood is the most important responsibility.

To support livelihood we sometimes try to find a job, to run a business and sometimes try different methods. Whatever we do our main target is to support our livelihood. So as I've said we have different professions to do so.

Why am I suddenly started talking about professions? Because yesterday when I was reading an article I've seen a clash between content creating and doing an actual job.

So in my article I'll try to give my views on this battle and we'll try to figure out which one is better between content creating and doing an actual job.

We'll calculate also how much money we can earn from jobs and content creating. We'll also compare this two professions from a different perspective.

If I told you to define a job you'll surely say job is something where we are certain that at the end of month we'll get our salary.

In all kinds of job there is some time restrictions too.That means we have to work in a certain period of a particular day.

It is also true that if we failed to do our assigned duty, our company may reduce the salary. These are all the same job characteristics around the world. Simply, job means a work where we have to do the same things again and again in a cyclic order.

And on the other hand now let's try to summerize what is really meant by "content creating"?

Some people say content creating is not an actual job yeah I acknowledge that.

Simply content creating means doing the things you love, showing it to the people and earning money form the things you love.

For example if you love to travel than you oviously use hotels to stay at night. So you are creating a video about the hotel and you are telling the good and bad sides of that hotel.

Frankly speaking, you are doing a review of that hotel and people are watching your video.Because they want to know more about the hotel.

Most importantly they want some recommendations what is best hotel in the town that's why they are viewing your video.

As people are watching your hotel review video you are earning money from monetisation and Google AdSense.

Just imagine you are staying at a hotel and you have to pay for that. But instead of paying you are earning money from doing a simple review.

At the same time some institutions sponsor the video creators to review themselves and to review their products.

In this way you are also earning money from that institution and also earning from monetisation.

As I've compared briefly what is job and what is content creating briefly I think you've already got the core differences between these two.

Now I'll tell you why content creating is better than any traditional job from what I've experienced in the past several months.

1)If you are doing a job,the salary you'll get is quite certain. You'll not get a single dollar more from your salary that means you are stuck in a "salary sink hole".

Besides it's quite impossible to support the livelihood with the same amount of salary every month. Getting same amount of salary is like a cycle of poverty where we all become a victim.

But when you are creating content, you can easily get out of this poverty cycle.

How? Than you salary will depend on the quality content you are making and your view time. The more views you've the more money you'll earn from the contents you are making.

2) As I've said traditional job is like doing the same thing again and again. After a certain period we become bored of our life but as have no choice we are bound to do the same job.

But if you are content creating you have a variety of works. If you are into video making specially travelling imagine you are earning money by travelling.

3) If you ask me why I'm too much interested on content creating I'll say I've gained enough money from content creating. Honestly if I took a job than it was impossible for me to earn that much money.

Besides if I had taken a job than I've to go to office every day but now I'm doing it from my bedroom.My bedroom has become my office room nowadays.

I did t-shirt designing, digital drawing and I've also designed a diary for children's. I did all the works from my home, from my bedroom.

At the same time from writing I've accumulated almost 800 USD in the last 8 months.

You know for the pandemic people are losing jobs so at this time finding job and earning that much money would have been impossible. But content creating enabled me to do so.

Now think again between "doing actual jobs and freelance content creating" which one is better?

Undoubtedly freelance content creating will be best option especially if you are good at this.

If you are good at creating something and showing it to the audience than go for content creating.

Remember you've to give your best and once you got your audience you'll not have to look back.

By doing "Freelance content creating" you are doing the things you love and earning form the works you love to do.

If you are really good at this believe me you'll earn more than a traditional job.

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2 years ago


Nice Article sir, It really helps some writer here in read cash.

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2 years ago

Excellent article. I particularly took on creating content as my real job, as it is my passion. Write and contribute a little through my experience

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2 years ago

Congratulations dear friend.I think,I am not such good writer that I would eaned so much money.I am trying my best but I o not know where I m makin mistakes.

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2 years ago