I was diagnosed with myopia when I was 14

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I was diagnosed with myopia when I was 14. From that early stage of my life I am using glasses.

Before that I felt using glasses is the most smartest thing to do. Everytime I saw anyone with glasses, I thought he/she is smarter than me.

Ha ha ha though now I know this was the most stupidest thing I used to believe than. Now I know using glasses doesn't make you smart or anything like that.

Smartness comes with age and maturity not the outfits we are wearing or not the things we are carrying.

After passing all these myopic years I've realised using glasses is a huge pain and a burden.Those who have experience of using glasses will be able to relate this pain. If you are also a glass user than raise your hand so that we can share our pains together.

Those who doesn't know what is myopia let me tell you this. There is two type of eye problems one is who have problems seeing near objects and those who have problems seeing distant objects.

I've problems of seeing objects from a particular distance.I don't see things clear at a certain distance.

When I look at them distant objects become blurry one and sometimes I become unable to recognise a face without my glasses.

I feel very uneasy at night without my glasses. Firstly I've blurry vision, secondly at night there is low visibility, thirdly street lights and all these things make me blind.

To get a clear view of any object I had to use my glasses. I am using glasses for the last 6 years.

Yesterday I went to see an eye specialist doctor for a check up. This is the actual conversation between me and my eye doctor.Before that conversation I had to go through several eye test.

Doctor: What's your name? And your age?

Me: I told him my name and my age.

Doctor: Do you have any other problems in your eye like itching or burning sensation?

Me: No, but I've migraine issues and those gives me so much pain.

Doctor: It seems like your glasses power needs to be increased.

Me: *awkward silence*

Doctor: Lessen your mobile phone usage, TV watching time, computer using time to avoid migraine pain.

Me: Yes, I'll try my best to follow your advice, doctor.

As he was examining my eyes again he than prescribed me an "eye drop" named "Systear" and told me to use that drop 4 times a day.

Doctor: Don't keep yourself awake till late night and try to sleep early as possible, okay?

As I'm taking the prescriptions from him I thanked him and said yes.

Now my glasses power increased than my previous one. This was my experience of talking to my eye doctor and what I see without my glasses.

Now I'll be sharing why it's so hard to lessen smartphone using time?

- After the pandemic everything just dived into my 6 inch mobile screen. My classes, my studies, my graphic designing works, my digital drawing works, my content writing works, my entertainment purposes etc.

Not only me, you, he, she,they we all become so much dependent on mobile devices and electronic gadgets after the pandemic. So it's quite impossible to lessen the time of smartphone usage especially when we are passing through a modern time pandemic.

- And secondly as all our works are accomplished in our mobile phones so it's tough to go to sleep early. Our smartphone screen lights helps us to keep us awake for a long time.

So it can be said that we are damaging our eyes for excessive use of smartphones and electronic gadgets. Though some of us are blessed because they don't have to use extra glasses but not all of us.

Again I'm saying those who use glasses know the pain and hassles of using glasses. If you still have a healthy eye, you are blessed undoubtedly and you are gifted.

My vision becomes blurry, I hardly see and recognise any faces without my glasses. I wish I could get my healthy eyes back so that I could see this beautiful world and beautiful people without glasses.

You'll never know the inner feelings of a glass user until you become a glass user. I've experienced bullying for just using glasses though I've ignored most of them.

When I see no one is using glasses but I had to than I feel really embarrassed.

So here are two simple words for you:

1)If your eyes are still okay and can see clearly than you should take care of your eyes from today.

I'm a glass user, I know how much painful and disgusting it is.Again I'm saying just take good care of your eyes so that you don't have to use glasses.

2)Though it's tough to lessen smartphone and other electronic gadget using time but when we are talking about "eyes" we shouldn't be reluctant.

Don't make the same mistake which most of us commited ignoring our most vital organ "eyes".

3)Just like my doctor said, I'm also saying don't keep awake till midnight to keep your eyes healthy.

Don't forget your eyes also needs rest just like your body and other organs.So provide your eyes good rest and take good caution. I'm giving my doctor's eye advice freely to you, did you notice that?

If you don't want to end up like a glass user and don't want to make your vision a blurry one than always maintain some "eye protocols".

It's the fourth time probably I'm saying that "Using glasses is a pain, extra burden and hassling."



In conclusion I've shared some useful links where you can learn more about myopia and how you can take good care of your eyes.

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2 years ago


I am sorry to hear that you need to experience those. Thank you so much for a wonderful advice. Lately I have been hooked with my phone so much and sometimes making me feel headache. This serves us an awakening to me. Thank you for the reminder and I will do my best to follow what you have mention.

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2 years ago

My mother used to say you'll feel the importance of something only when you've lost it. Now I feel a healthy eye. Smartphone and other electronic gadgets are damaging our eyes and overall our health.

We'll not understand the side effects untill we are affected by those. So it's high time to look over our health, specially our eyesight.

I know how much painful it is when you are unable to recognise a familiar face without your glasses!

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2 years ago

I will take care of my eyes now, before it's too late

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2 years ago