Have you heard of "daily life blogging"?

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Recently I've watched a video about "daily life vlogging". Daily vlogging means making daily life video's like what you are doing, where you are going, what new things are you experiencing today literally everything about your daily life.

But the problem is you can't show people you are sleeping or how you are eating dishes. People will not waste their time to watch the dishes you are eating.

So a daily life YouTube vlogger have to think differently so that they can entertain people and people also find it interesting to watch his videos.

How do the daily life YouTubers upload various videos every day?

Don't they feel "writer's block" like the writer's? As I've said they need to think differently to show their daily life which can be defined as "story telling".

They may be eating just a simple dish but they will represent the whole thing in a story telling way. Than the audience will not focus on what he's eating.

Rather they will focus on the story what he's trying to portray. That's the basic thing of daily life YouTube vlogger.

You've to tell a story so that audience always find it interesting, entertaining and pleasurable to watch.

So why I've bought the topic "daily life YouTube vlogging"? I've seen some good writer here who faced "writer's block".

If you are a writer, you'll experience this at least once in your writing journey. When this thing happened, the writer suddenly lost all his words and find it difficult to write a single sentence. They feel all their thinking's just got vanished and their head is totally empty.

As a writer, I've also faced this writers block but not so often. Because I've always found something to write about and thanks Almighty I never run out of writing ideas.

This article will be helpful for you if you are having trouble with writing and find it difficult to gather ideas.

As I've said in the first phase of this article, you can also do "daily life blogging" just the YouTubers. YouTubers doing videography on the other hand you'll be writing story.

If you have a good eye, you'll always find some story happening every day around you. If you start writing a story everyday, I'm assuring you, you'll never run out of idea.

You have understood my point ,right? You'll write daily about the incidents happening around you in a story telling manner.

Like what are going today, what new things have you tried today, what new things have you seen in the Facebook today?

And this little daily life things like What have done to keep yourself awake or what have you done to wake up early in the morning?

After watching that YouTube video, this daily life blogging idea came to my mind. Now I'm sharing if I were you, how would I search for new ideas?

  • Ongoing market trends/market characteristics

You can write daily about the product market/market trends/your observations/your predictions/your anxiety about the market and many more.

People will love to read all the market trends if you can write them properly. You don't have to start reading any encyclopedia for that. You just need to accumulate all the market data than start writing from your point of view.

  • Interesting daily life events

Say you've an important work tomorrow but you are not an early riser.You have to wake up early morning tomorrow at any cost because you don't want to miss that meeting or work. So what interesting things you've done to awake yourself early in the morning?

This could be an interesting thing to write about and you know people will love that surely.

  • Reactions of new things happening around you

When you are scrolling down the newsfeed you've seen a disappointing news on the internet like the forest areas in your region are disappearing at an alarming rate.

You can let people know about the dangers of deforestation and you can also raise consciousness about it. You can write your point of view regarding this context in your daily life blog.

  • Your point of view on particular things

Few days ago I've read some news articles about Mars where I've found out people are on their way to the Mars. I've written an article about this why we should focus on this planet instead of Mars as earth is our first planet.

I've showed in my article behind all the earthly problems, we humans are greatly responsible. If we can reduce our hunger of profit, we don't have to seek another planet to live.

That story was also my daily life blogging.Like this, if you are a good observer, you'll always find something to write.

  • New products that come to the market

Say you are reading today's newspaper and you've found out a new variety of washing machine just came to market. The new model of washing machine is two times better than the old existing ones.

So you can write about that new model, price, quality, difference and many more. You can also write how a washing machine can influence/change someone's life.

I've just mentioned five things, if you ask me I can give you 100 more new ideas of daily blogging.

I'm just giving you ideas, now you just need to think in your own way. Just look at your daily life, you'll find some stories and people will love to read new interesting things everyday.

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2 years ago


I absoltelly agree with you my dear friend.You gave members great ideas what could write about and me too,of course.Today I wrote article about my daily event without my family.You can check out.I hope,a lot of members will read this,than it will not be anymore posts with words"i have no idea what to write".

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2 years ago

This is a good idea which I have thought of trying but my life is too boring to share. It wouldn't interest anyone. So I didn't venture into it. But may have to give it a shot someday.

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2 years ago

Just open your newsfeed or scroll through any newspaper, you'll always find something which is influential. You can start writing how the new things are influencing you. Ha ha well we all have a boring life, at least kind of. But every day we all experience stories from dawn to dusk. As I've said people love to read stories.

You can write your opinions, your reviews, your reactions about a particular topic. Just find a story to tell.

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2 years ago

Well, I have a story to tale. I'm currently sharing a friends story in here https://read.cash/@Macronald/the-survivor-that-evening-0215d884#

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2 years ago

Thank you for sharing such ideas I find it so helpful especially that I am a newbie here and oftentimes don't have ideas to write.

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2 years ago

Once when I was also a newbie like you, in my earlier days I also faced this type of problems, especially writer's block. If you have a good story telling hand, you can literally write any story from daily life. And those stories will surely caught people's eye because those were taken from real life.

I've read your last article about the strong independent woman where I've found out a strong story. A fighting and inspirational figure who should be highlighted. You've done the perfect job writing her story.

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2 years ago

I guess that's where I am good at telling stories rather than expressing my stand or opinions about things. I hope I can learned how to write one soon. I'm so happy that you have read my latest article, ayee I will be inspired to write more knowing that there are people who like to read it. Thank you so much. 🥰

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2 years ago