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Fruit Chaat

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5 months ago

Recipe Of Fruit Chaat..😋😋😋

Assalam o Alaikum..

I hope you’re all fit and healthy.

Today I’m sharing with Recipe of simple fruit Chaat.

As you know fruits are very essential for our body.

Fruit gives us healthy vitamins.

Fruits are great source of minerals and fiber.

Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables can reduce a person risk of heart diseases.

Let’s start the recipe:—


Grapes 1 cup

Apple 1 small

Banana 2 

Cream 5 tbsp

Sugar as required 

Chocolate 🍫 as required 

Peach 1 


First of wash these fruits well and then dry. Then cut into small pieces and pore into a bowl.

After that add cream into it and sugar, now stir it very well.

Your delicious fruit Chaat is ready to eat.

I hope you’re all like my recipe.

Tell me in comments section..??

Thanks for reading

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Thanks for sharing the recepie of fruit chart........ I like tooo much fruit chart....!!!

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5 months ago

Bhot acha lgty hn mjy fruit chat or shukriya jo ap ny recipe post ki fruit chat bnanay ki m bnanay k koshsh kru ga mjy bht pasnd hn ye

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5 months ago

thanks for sharing recepie of delicious fruit chaat

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5 months ago

waalekum asalam brother very yummy and testy fruit chaat i like it thanks for sharing recipe

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5 months ago