Ended up in hospital...

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10:30 AM 3rd May-2022

It's raining outside and I'm sitting in veranda enjoying it with cannula in my hand. It's been weeks since it rained last time, I can feel the breeze touching my soul and relaxing my mind.

This morning I decided I will continue reading my books I had started before Ramadan, one of my favorites

"Rumi's Daughter" by Rumi

This novel has so much to offer, I have seen some people who relate to it allot I just love the idea how creative Rumi is of thinking so much beautiful and write in into blank pages and turning them into a hit book.

So I woke up late, had some cereals in my breakfast and went straight to my room to finish the book, after few hours my mum called me for lunch. She had made Okra and served it to us with some fresh yogurt.

(I can compromise over anything but when there's okra and yogurt on my plate together I can't stop eating ) I must say I had very heavy lunch.

After finishing my lunch I went back to my room, and got indulged in my writer's beautiful creation.

Felt something in my stomach,

Wait what was it?

Did I just eat allot is that why I'm uncomfortable in my bed with this heavy tummy?

Maybe yes!!

Forget it I'll be fine.

Another episode of pain with belching, what's happening to me?

I went to washroom, came out and wasn't able to figure out my surroundings properly.

I thought I might be feeling dizzy so I went to bed tried to comfort myself but my dizziness got severe.

Meanwhile, I heard mum coming upstairs, she opened the door to my room.

She was holding a bowl of fruits in her hand which were for me "ofcourse"

As soon as she saw me she figured out I wasn't feeling well, she gave me some tablets. Sat with me on my bed while rubbing my forehead with her soft fingers, a thought came into my mind

Isn't it been so long I haven't slept with mum? Me hugging her all night and she slightly rubbing my forehead to make me fall asleep.

Suddenly I sat straight, ran to the washroom and vomited... (This is the worts part, I hate vomiting it's like my ribs are rupturing, my throat will rupture I can handle everything but when it come to vomiting I go insane)

Now was the moment mum realized she had to take me to the hospital, called our uncle and we went to the doctor.

What are the doctors saying?

Oh it's just food poisoning.

Wait what!!

Did he just say "just food poisoning"???

I ate my favorite food, the food I swear upon how can it harm me?

When my mum was talking to the doctor I was just thinking about my okras, how lovely they looked on my plate when I was having my lunch. I wish I could eat more ...


Oops!! I guess I have to stop thinking about my okras, and this I also have studied somewhere when you are suffering from food poisoning and think about the food you ate last time it just makes you freak out more.. so I let go my love for my favorite food.

The nurse took me to the ward, and this was the time which scared me the most.


But thankfully my nurse was very caring, she started telling me about herself and asked some questions from me too, then she told me about a girl who recently recovered and discharged and that the nurse was very attached to her patients because she lost her own child in this hospital.

I was lost in her pain and it made me stopped thinking about the cannula she put in my vein.

In frame: Me having my first infusion.

How pretty green veins.. she said.

I smiled back at her, without saying anything.

Then the Senior doctor came and told her to give me five infusions. Five was a very big number for me. I had to finish my book that I left on my bed how can I stay here and take five infusions?

But unfortunately I had to.

It was around 4:00 AM when I came back from hospital. But I was still feeling dizzy and a little bit unconscious too because the doctor said there were some sedatives in the infusions so my mum took me to my room to rest for some time.

I was half asleep when I heard something on the window, the rain drops were dripping on the white window glass. I couldn't get up from my bed so called my mum she came in and brought some fresh juice for me I finished my juices and asked her to take me outside I will just sit in the verandah and write something as I was feeling good now.

Yes you must be thinking I'm crazy but I guess I'm addicted to read cash now, I feel so good when I share my life with you people.

Enjoy the rain with me....



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Always be careful about anything, like the foods you eat. Some may look like so beautiful outside, but, little did we know the danger they have inside. Anyway. Just think of that incident as positive thing that enabled you and your mom to have a quality time together. You have also mentioned that it has been quite a long time since you slept with her. That could have been a very sweet moment of yours. Again, careful next time!

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1 year ago

Exactly.. this is what I was thinking when I was penning down my article, sometimes few bad things happen to bring some good things in life.. I was planning to spend some time with her today and your comment further motivated me. Thanku dear God bless you.

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1 year ago

Oops that's a disturbing situation, I pray you get well soon, and forget your okras, don't think about them till you get healthy again (lol), i hope you will be fine now and you haven't faced vomiting after treatment? Take good care of yourself and increase your water intake.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

Haha they are forever love, can't get enough of them .. and yes I'm fine now alhamdulillah taking good ORS to maintain body hydration

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1 year ago

I hope that all is well, hoping for your fast recovery. Its important to prioritize our health just take care of your body to avoid future problems.

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1 year ago

Yes Alhamdulillah feeling well now, indeed I have to take good care of my health . Thanku so much for your sympathy 💕

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1 year ago