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How you can Buy & Sell SLP Tokens on ?

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Memo.Cash is a decentralized social media network built on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain that rewards users with Bitcoin Cash. platform comes in both website and mobile Apps Android/iOS to make it easy for everyone.

You can create account by following steps below:

So simple and easy steps follow these two steps below:

Step 1:

 Open  WEBSITE from your Desktop/Laptop or use Mobile Apps :

App store (iOS) / Play store (Android)

Step 2:

Signup  on by following these simple steps below:

Signup on

1st: Write your username 2nd: setup your password & click on the Accept Checkbox Terms of Services.

Now click on signup button to complete your account signup.

Congratulations you have successfully created your account 🥳

You created your account

Setup Name, Setup Profile, Create Post ! &

which is the purpose of this writing, start buying and selling SLP tokens like the HALAL COIN HC

But before you start getting busy with all the above, first backup your private keys.

So that if by any means you forget your password or lose your device, you can easily recover your account.

Export Your KEY
  • 1. Enter Your Memo.Cash Account Password

  • 2. mark the checkbox

  • 3. Click on Unlock Button

Enter your password and click the Unlock  reveal your private keys. Backup Key phrase

Important Step: Please Secure your Backup Key very secret, This backup key will helps you for recovering your account

Buy HALAL COIN HC on by using Your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Balance

You can Buy Halal Coin HC / SLP Tokens with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in your account.

  • 1. First you need to deposit Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in your account on your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet, Click on your Profile Picture & then click on Profile.

Follow these simple steps below shown in image: ⬇️

Profile Picture

There you'll see Bitcoin Cash (BCH) addresses so copy your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Address.


Now send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on this address to

⚠️One more important thing specially for beginners there are two types of (BCH) Wallet address⚠️

  • 2. Legacy Address (example) 1yQ2DAsbsetLusTPcBBdAcT1LuwSr76Zi

You can send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on these addresses to then you'll be able to buy Halal Coin HC or other SLP TOKENS.

Whenever you will Buy Halal Coin HC / SLP Token on you'll receive your Halal Coin HC / SLP Tokens on this address.

You can store your all Halal Coin HC / SLP Tokens on this address too, if you will buy

⚠️PLEASE NOTE⚠️Don't send other Cryptocurrency on Simple Ledger Address⚠️


Once you deposited Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to wallet address, it will take a while for network confirmations normally it takes 10 to 15 minutes but sometimes Instantly. Your deposit will be credited into your account in Bitcoin Cash Balance.

As you can see in image below:⬇️

Once your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) balance credited in your account

As you see above ⬆️in image: Now you are able to buy Halal Coin HC / SLP Tokens

Once you done buying Halal Coin HC / SLP Tokens

Whenever you'll buy Halal Coin HC / SLP Tokens on you'll receive on This 3rd SLP Address it called Simple Ledger Protocol.⬇️

You can also store all SLP Tokens on this address

😇Once your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) deposit arrives in your wallet.

The next thing is to Buy HALAL COIN HC with your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Balance

Any amount you wish to Buy.

You'll receive the amount of Halal Coin HC

on your SLP Simple Ledger Protocol address on your

HALAL COIN HC is CRYPTOCURRENCY SLP Token Powered by BitcoinCash (BCH) invented by Creator S.N

Once arrives Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in your wallet, next you need to buy Halal Coin HC with.

#1 Halal Coin HC listing page on



Buy Halal Coin HC on by clicking on this above image/link

#2 There you'll see the list of orders of HALAL COIN HC see which amount is matches of the HC you wish to buy.

Just click on Buy Button in front of that order. everyone can buy SLP tokens with multiple orders if you didn't find the same amount you need in a single sell order.


If you'll click this button > Buy Instantly with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) amount which you wish to buy with it. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) balance will be deducted from your account. The Halal Coin HC will be credited into your Simple Ledger Protol address SLP Instantly.


You have purchased successfully your Halal Coin HC, And now you'll receive weekly dividend paid in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into directly your wallet on every Friday.🎉

Buy/Hold Halal Coin HC & Earn Weekly dividend on every Friday 🎉

You can also apply the same process to buy other SLP Tokens as you did for Halal Coin HC.


Definitely you can also sell your SLP Tokens Including Halal Coin HC on

1st. Click on the >  Tokens 2nd. Click on >Sell

As you see in picture below:⬇️


You will see the list of SLP Tokens as you see the above image ⬆️ There are Ranking of SLP Tokens according to the number of transactions.

You can click the Sell button as shown above in image⬆️.

You'll be able to sell only SLP Tokens Which you already have in your SLP Wallet on

Follow these simple steps below:⬇️

#1. You only need to select the Token, Which Token you want to sell? (*SELECT TOKEN*)

#2. How many tokens you want to sell (*write quantity*)

#3. On what price you wanna sell per token? (*write amount*)

#4. Then you'll see Total Price of your Tokens which will you receive once sold: (*total price*)

#5. Last STEP you only need to click on > ( List )

You are done !! now you have to wait for the buyer whoever will buy your token & the buyer will pay your asking price.


Your orders of buy/sell , you can cancel your orders at any time & you can relist the orders also you can make changes again as you wish.

On each & every action is costing a fraction of a $cents in Bitcoin Cash (BCH)



For a while now the established social networks have been steadily cracking down on groups of users they find to be problematic.

Sending many peoples to look for alternatives where they can ensure their voice is heard. One emerging alternative platform is Memo.Cash, Which is built on Bitcoin Cash and thus popular among BCH users.

Memo.Cash is a decentralized censorship|resistant social media network

Powered by ₿itcoin Cash (₿CH) ₿lockchain. gives to every user power & ability to create a profile and post topics, images, videos by using specific #hashtags , the users are able to create own tokens & their groups too, every user can buildup slowly & make more better their profile for future business, FOR MOBILE USERS developed mobile app for Android Users (PlayStore) & iOS Users (App Store)

you Guys can see on ₿CH blockchain, with each user account being Associated with a ₿CH wallet address. Native tipping on the network is also supports by Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Dear users, SLP Tokens that are worth something|anything can be Bought/Sold on

The Buyers/Sellers has to trust the other party as the transactions are automatically accomplish on Bitcoin Cash BCH|Blockchain.

This platform is picking up cautiously as more peoples seek refuge from centralized over Censored Social Media Networks.

On the the growth of your SLP Token is Superb, increasing the admiration of SLP Tokens as more people a safe, anonymous and non|custodial way to Buy/Sell their favourite SLP Tokens, more popularity as more peoples a safe, anonymous & yes non|dustodial way to Buy/Sell their Awesome, Lovely & Favourite SLP Tokens

What you guys think about hope this articles will helps to new users in future Please feel free share with us in comments section below:

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Impressive love to see this work on the project of HALAL COIN i appreciate the Halal Coin Team and i'm very thankful the Halal Coin Admin & team for this useful article Good Luck. AlhumdullillAh

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10 months ago

Really cool info. Wish you more luck on your project man

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10 months ago

What about creating tokens there? What is the cost?

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10 months ago