7 Tips for Voice Care.

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Just like any other part of the body, the voice also needs care. This requires moderate and controlled use of voice. Know the seven things to do in the care of the voice

1. Avoid shouting unnecessarily. Speaking in a loud voice or very loudly causes microhemorrhage in the vocal cords, hematoma, fibrosis and sometimes the voice changes. Many times teachers, political leaders, mothers shout and talk to their children, while hawkers, hawkers and other voice-dependent professionals talk loudly. Voice care should use a microphone or sound system in crowded or noisy places.

2. Allergies also often cause throat problems. Sometimes coughing causes swelling of the vocal cords. In addition, postnasal drip can also cause sore throat. So those who have allergies, avoid the things or ingredients that cause allergies as much as possible.

Drinking cold water suddenly in hot weather is harmful for the throat.

3. Avoid smoking. Smoking aggravates any throat problem. Damages the vocal cords. Smoking can cause vocal cord cancer, polyps.

4. Avoid excessively cold water. Many times we suddenly drink cold water from the refrigerator after coming from outside in extreme heat, which is harmful to our throat. People with cold allergy should take special precautions. Sweating can also cause colds, sore throats. If the throat is congested with a cold, talk should be temporarily stopped or reduced. The larynx should be rested, not even whispering. Hot steam or steam inhalation is good for sore throat relief. If the steam of boiling water is drawn through the mouth and throat for at least 10 minutes daily, it will be beneficial. Menthol inhalation also provides some moisture to the throat.

5. Dehydration is another major cause of sore throat. Many people talk all day but don't drink enough water, causing voice damage. Drink at least two liters of water every day.

6. We eat very late at night and go to bed after eating. This is also not good for the vocal cords. Hyper acidity (laryngopharyngeal reflux disease) causes inflammation around the throat, swelling of the larynx. You should go to bed at least two hours after dinner. Care should be taken that the head should be slightly higher than the body while sleeping. Avoid salty and spicy foods.

7. The vocal cords also need rest. We often talk non-stop. Remember that the larynx is also an instrument, the voice also needs practice or exercise.

Also, don't ignore the symptoms of a sore throat or a sore throat. An important cause of chronic hoarseness is laryngeal cancer. If someone has hoarseness for more than three weeks, then definitely consult an otolaryngologist.

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Thank you for this my friend. Now I know how I'm going to take care my voice. Yes friend shouting is not good and also drinking cold water.

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