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5 months ago

My Linkup Guy

Mehn, I no come understand wetin de happen oO. E just be like say I don write everything wey de my gut finish. I no just understand.

 When I been newly signup, I was on such a roll, dropping articles like mad, raking up $ as e de hot. After my first 3 weeks here, I make up to around $85 effortlessly. As e be me during that roll, I come even the pity the dude wey been link me up.

One early morning wey I de do my usual perusal for internet, de scour for means wey man go take put something for belle, na en I stumble upon this guy thread for Nairaland. The thread been dry, nobody been de comment, but those wey been manage comment, na their yeye mail address them just drop (Lazy yoots). I no blame them sha, cos dude just de drop link to him profile so you fit use am sign up, then him still put a screen munch of him earnings for corner, him been de fine referral bonus.

People been no de comment because I know say them go think say na the same people, you go understand wetin I mean if you de visit nairaland wella. Well, me sef no comment, but the idea of earning in crypto for writing whatever appealed to me very much. Na so me just jump enter this site oO. I been no believe, because e been sound almost too easy, but I calm down peruse the site first, when I come understand my way around small, I come drop my first article. That one na 'I am new' article, so them no give me shishi, I no bother sha because that one been no take me time to compose, I come drop my second article wey be like around 3 minutes read, that one come return few cents in tips. Mad oO.


Them clear my doubt

I come cool down write another article; I pour things down from my heart. Mehn! na so this randomrewarder tip me almost $7 worth of BCH, the thing shock me, I no go lie.

After my first 9 articles, with 6 of them actually making any sort of money, I come cash out $34, barely two weeks in. You no go understand the levels of excitement wey build up for my head, because as at that time, na roast I been de roast.

As I cash out my first $, I come see the possibilities, I come visualize wetin I fit make in so so and so time with so so and so number of articles. I no go lie, I saw nothing but possibilities, and as I been de on a roll already, I feel say na so e go de be, I come de pity my man wey I use him link take know about the site, cos baba was dropping articles but this randomrewarder been the form stingy for the guy, I come de pity my guy, I come de reason to give am clues on how him go take run am, so that them go reward am plenty, I come de feel say I get all the answers. LOL
Well, me finally no reach out to am, because I no sure say wetin I go tell am go even work, and I no get strength to come de answer question everyday wey I login, so I park.

I still de drop articles de go, sometimes twice daily, and most of the articles, I wrote on the go. I no de even think the topic or the content, na as the spirit lead I de run am. Just like this one wey you de read like this now, na my lamentations and I just decide to run am for pidgin, I don tire to write English.

Soon after my first withdrawal of $34, I still withdraw another $35 through my Luno app. Me wey been no get shishi to my name before, come de get balance of 20k+ after the some expenses wey I don run. I was so damn excited, not for the money in my account, but for the possibilities that abound. I realised I could finally earn enough money to settle my debts and make some financial moves, all by doing something I loved, something I knew how to do very well.

The reason my writings been de come easy for me be say I been de write from the heart, about relatable things and in a sort of storytelling form. It felt like I was writing in my personal diary. I fused humour in my stories and made sure I remained completely anonymous so as to remove any sort of bias from my readers' eyes. I no drop country name, I no de drop any clue wey fit make you guess where I de. It was a roll for real.

 E come choke

Wetin come spoil na? Wetin come be de issue now? I go gist you na, calm down. This na my book of lamentations, and I never even lament the lament. LOL

When I been find out the prospects and possibilities here, I come press calculator (for real, I press calculator) come de see say with certain number of articles, I fit de gather up to $1k monthly...abeg no blame me jare, problems full, problems wey that money no go even fit jam still de alive. As I press the calculator finish keep, na so belle come begin de sweet me (literally). You know that feeling when you new fall in love? Oyibo de call am butterflies. I was seriously feeling butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited that I couldnt sleep one night, I no just fit explain am, ontop money wey never enter my account oO, articles sef wey go give me the money, I never even write.

I no know whether the over excitement release some funny hormones wey mess up with my brain cells and my ability to write, abi na the many articles wey I don put for my head say I need to write. I no just know which one but na there my wahala start.

I come get major writer's block, I come forget how to write, how to string 5 words together without them looking disjointed or vague. I no come fit write from my soul again, the next 5 articles I wrote before this one now, no even raise me up to $5.

My articles come de sound mechanical, I come de sound like articles wey you go see for internet, common and of little value. I no come de unique in the way I wrote...the thing just tire me. The more I de try to come out from the episode, the more I de enter, much like a drowning man. I even leave writing for up to a week, go face them for their other site Noise de bring small small thing, but at all at all...When I still come back say make I write, e no still de enter, if I even write finish, I no de gree read wetin I write because I no come de enjoy my own writing again. Me wey be say I go read my article up to 5 times in admiration before I go post...just like this one


I don understand the many devils responsible for my present predicament and I just hope I can get out of it, because my future depend on am. My aim na to raise up to $3k in the first quarter of the new year, pay my rent, pay outstandings, then fix up my crypto trading portfolio while I continue to write on the side.

The devils wey I de battle with now na.

High expectancy: Because of small returns wey I see, I press calculator, see potential come set too high a target for myself.

 Pressure to Deliver: Because of the high expectancy na, the pressure to deliver come begin de weigh me down. The pressure numbed down all my creativity. I couldnt think of anything worthy to write, wey be say before, I go just look my curtain, idea don enter I go just begin de write. Now, I de think too hard before I go write, I come de lost for words, my vocab pool come dry up all of a sudden. Mehn, writer's block is real.

Another thing wey I de battle with na complacency. As I cash out twice, I come feel say I don get the magic key. See me the reason to show person de way, based on say the guy no de make any money. ment!


This whole thing now take me around 50 minutes to write, and na so I been de usually write, from my heart. I just hope say e go help sort out my writer's block because pocket don dry again oO and my landlord don de lose patience small small. LOL



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Written by   23
5 months ago
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Lol....correct naija guy

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5 months ago

Bros things follow yapa for your guy on this other side.

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5 months ago

My guy, abeg go through my profile make you see the kyn articles wey give me dough. Although I don unpublish many of them wey give away my identity, an just few I leave here. More grease to you bro.

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5 months ago