The KITTEN Cutepaper - A Small Cat With Big Plans

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KITTEN: The Cutest Meme Token on SmartBCH - With Big Ambitions

Abstract (For Serious People)

KITTEN is the cutest SEP20 token on SmartBCH. It is a meme token and as such it is about having fun and showing love for kittens. But it is also about supporting SmartBCH and Bitcoin Cash.

SmartBCH is an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and Web3 compatible sidechain of Bitcoin Cash with a special focus on high throughput and on low transaction fees.

SEP20 stands for "SmartBCH Expansion Proposal number 20". It is the SmartBCH equivalent to an ERC20 on Ethereum, or a BEP20 on Binance Smart Chain.

SmartBCH is to Ethereum what Bitcoin Cash BCH is to Bitcoin BTC: A more capable blockchain that is also more affordable to use. Bitcoin Cash brings affordable, secure, uncensorable, borderless, worldwide payments to the entire planet - and SmartBCH does the same for decentralized finance (DeFi).

The Story Begins: Let's meet KITTEN

KITTEN is a young and small cat, but she has big plans to change the world: KITTEN is a big fan of Bitcoin Cash and wants to help with making it a success. Clearly, KITTEN has the looks and she also has the brains.

KITTEN believes that she can help Bitcoin Cash by getting people - especially kitten lovers - excited about Bitcoin Cash. She wants everybody to know about Bitcoin Cash and why it's great. And she wants people to join SmartBCH - which is just like Ethereum, but much, much cheaper to use. KITTEN always says that SmartBCH will bring DeFi (decentralized finance) to everyone - also to KITTEN lovers who are just as small and young as she is - and who don't have much money yet.

KITTEN wants to onboard kitten lovers from around the globe as new users to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, because KITTEN is convinced that Bitcoin Cash is reliable and easy to use for everyday payments. And it is fast and has very low fees - so that everyone can afford to use it. Bitcoin Cash works great - whether you are sending a payment to your friend who is standing next to you or to someone who is half a world apart from you. And Bitcoin Cash transactions are very fast and very cheap. If KITTEN were to ever work abroad, KITTEN would definitely send remittances to her friends and family using Bitcoin Cash.

Additionally, KITTEN loves that Bitcoin Cash is inflation resistant because it has a limited supply - and nobody can just change it whenever they feel like it.

And Bitcoin Cash is resilient like a cat: It defies being controlled by a central entity like a cat defies injuries when falling from a tree.

Ever since KITTEN learned about the new SmartBCH sidechain, she made it her mission to onboard new users to SmartBCH.

KITTEN sees new users as potential customers who can earn Bitcoin Cash in SmartBCH. And they can spend their earnings at businesses which accept Bitcoin Cash. In that way there will be more customers who want to pay in Bitcoin Cash - and KITTEN knows that is important for onboarding more merchants. The more potential customers there are, the easier it is to convince merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash. The more merchants accept Bitcoin Cash, the easier it is to convince more people to use it. It's like a ball of wool that grows bigger and bigger by picking up more wool threads when KITTEN plays with it.

KITTEN Token Specifications

Contract Address:


Type: SEP20 Token

Decimals: 2

Total Supply on Chain: 2,100,000,000

Additional token mints possible: No

Token burning: No

KITTEN Mission

KITTEN thinks that Bitcoin Cash is great and even though KITTEN is still very young and small, she wants to help Bitcoin Cash to achieve its mission.

To understand why KITTEN loves Bitcoin Cash, let's take a look at Bitcoin Cash's mission.

Bitcoin Cash's Mission (for Serious People)

The mission of Bitcoin Cash is to become the world's preferred currency - a borderless, immutable, uncensorable, fast, quick, affordable and reliable payment method which can be used for worldwide everyday commerce by every human and every machine. The mission is to be a true peer-to-peer electronic cash system which makes financial services accessible to everybody - also to those who haven't had them before. Bitcoin Cash wants to give the people the power over their own money by removing the need for middlemen.

The Keys to Achieving the Mission: Community, Adoption and Technology (for Serious People)

In order to enable Bitcoin Cash to achieve its ambitious mission, several parts need to work together. These parts are technology, community and adoption - and their cooperation makes the whole more than just the sum of its parts:

Every crypto currency needs good technology. In the case of Bitcoin Cash reliability, high performance and scalability are of the utmost importance for achieving the goal of becoming the world's preferred currency.

In the case of Bitcoin Cash the technology is developed by multiple development teams. It is the technology that enables the community to further the adoption of the crypto currency. Without the developers, there is no technology. And without technology, there is no crypto currency. And of course, technology needs adoption. Without adoption even the best technology is useless. It needs users. And these users need to be onboarded. Only when good technology meets adoption, the technology serves its purpose. It is a virtuous circle - or a symbiotic relationship.

The Role of SmartBCH for the Success of Bitcoin Cash (for Serious People)

SmartBCH is an EVM compatible and Web3 capable sidechain of Bitcoin Cash. It ports the philosophy and design decisions behind Bitcoin Cash over to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi). Its goal is to provide affordable, reliable and fast DeFi transactions for everyone - not just the wealthy. So far, the existing DeFi platforms have either excluded less wealthy people from participating - due to high transaction costs - or they have sacrificed decentralization and therefore resilience and censorship resistance for lower fees. SmartBCH combines the advantages of both approaches - and eliminates their respective disadvantages - by taking advantage of the inherent parallelism of current computer architectures and by leveraging the decentralized Bitcoin Cash proof of work network for electing SmartBCH validators. In this way SmartBCH benefits from a proof of work consensus mechanism without incurring any extra mining overhead and energy consumption. SmartBCH is simultaneously secured by proof of work and as energy efficient as a proof of stake blockchain.

In addition to providing affordable DeFi to the world, SmartBCH will also help the Bitcoin Cash network by providing extra income to miners - which increases the hash rate stability and therefore reduces the risk of attacks on the network. Furthermore, SmartBCH introduces a deflationary mechanism to the Bitcoin Cash network with "fee burning": 50% of the transaction fees on SmartBCH are burnt - both on the SmartBCH sidechain and on the Bitcoin Cash main chain. In addition to fee burning, the Bitcoin Cash coins - which are bridged to SmartBCH - are locked on the main chain and therefore, they further reduce the supply. These mechanisms will help Bitcoin Cash's price to appreciate. And the price increase in turn means free publicity - which helps with onboarding new users, ultimately pathing the way to the main goal of becoming the world's preferred currency - and replacing fiat currencies and middlemen - such as banks and centralized exchanges.

Additionally, SmartBCH offers its users ways to earn money within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. These users may want to spend their earnings at businesses that accept BCH payments. The more users exist who want to transact in Bitcoin Cash, the easier it becomes to onboard additional businesses and merchants to the ecosystem which is pathing the way for Bitcoin Cash to become the world's preferred currency.

Bitcoin Cash is an inflation resistant cryptocurrency which offers very cheap transfer fees and fast transfer times. Small payments usually only take a couple of seconds to be accepted thanks to the feature of 0-confirmation secure payments.

By offering earning possibilities SmartBCH provides people with a Bitcoin Cash income stream every day. Consumers who spend Bitcoin Cash are a crucial part of the BCH ecosystem. The ecosystem does not solely need thousands of businesses that accept BCH for payments, it needs users who actually do spend the Bitcoin Cash that they earned.

Without the consumers an important part of the virtuous circle is missing: More potential customers motivate more businesses to accept BCH for payments. And more businesses, that accept payments in BCH, give the potential customers more options to spend their earned Bitcoin Cash.


Bitcoin Cash BCH has an ambitious mission. And so does KITTEN.

However, both Bitcoin Cash and KITTEN have the best community in crypto. And the community is a very important part of any crypto currency. The best technology is pretty useless if nobody uses it. Bitcoin Cash offers a great solution to many of the world's problems. However, its adoption in the real world is still relatively low.

The Bitcoin Cash community is not exclusively driven by the desire to profit. Many BCH supporters are mostly driven by the desire to make the world a better place and to improve the lives of all people. And KITTEN wants the same: A better world with happy and free people in it.

SmartBCH is the next step in achieving this mission. Supporting Bitcoin Cash has always been the right choice from a moral perspective. With the help of SmartBCH, it also became the right choice from a financial perspective. Not just the right decision for the individual - but for the whole world.


Contract Address:0x7ebeadb95724a006afaf2f1f051b13f4ebebf711




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Cool, Best of luck

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1 year ago

I wanted to read it but when it said for serious people I realized is not for me ! 😆 🤣

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1 year ago

Haha, only parts are for serious people. There are some other parts that are written like a story. 😁

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1 year ago

The site still looks very vague. Is this your project? I am still trying to wrap around how this MEME token be able to help others make more BCH, or at this point of time it is more for fun and just to support SmartBCH chain to keep it active and alive?

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1 year ago

Thank you for your feedback and your questions.

KITTEN was created by an anonymous founder who took inspiration from Satoshi Nakamoto. I have bought a share of the supply on the first day and then throughout its ups and downs. I have been in contact with the creator several times over the past weeks until I finally decided to get involved with KITTEN.

The founder gave me a marketing budget to help get KITTEN off the ground. You can read about the current plans here:

We have a writing and creativity contest ongoing (, we have a VIP holder group on Telegram and a reward program for VIP liquidity providers. Note that the rewards I mentioned are in addition to the farming rewards that MuesliSwap offers.

For the long-term, we want KITTEN to become one of the tradeable meme tokens on SmartBCH that allow liquidity providers to earn farming rewards on DEXs. And we want to reach out to kitten lovers from around the world to get them to join SmartBCH. The goal is to get people to join SmartBCH for KITTEN and stay for all the other great projects on SmartBCH.

In addition to all that I wrote already, KITTEN (VIP) holders may be a good group of people to send future airdrops to.

I hope that answered your question. Please don't hesitate to ask if something remained unclear.

If you want to contribute ideas, please feel free to do so here or on Telegram @MoreGainStrategies.

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1 year ago