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Shyness can be defined as a human feeling represented in the presence of a complex situation that appears when there is a negative sense of self, and a feeling of inferiority or inferiority in a person, and here the person finds himself unable to focus on the things that are going on around him and thus becomes unable to establish different relationships with His colleagues and companions and the people around him, and thus he may become alone, and develop a feeling of dread and fear of asking various questions or discussion about certain matters for fear of being pushed back, and the matter may develop until the person feels offended, shamed, or even accused.

Real shyness is associated with the existence of a real accusation, as for false shyness, it is a false feeling without the presence of any real reasons, and shyness has been termed as an emotion that tells us that we are nothing, and shyness may dominate a person in multiple and varying degrees, it may be slight Or so large that a person loses his existence and effective role in society.

Shyness arises

A person is not born shy by nature, which means that shyness grows with the growth of a person, and children usually tend to be shy and here lies the importance of the correct upbringing of the child, which may develop the seed of shyness for him and make it stronger or weak and teach the child how to trust himself and how to prove his presence in the environment in which he lives.

Causes of shyness

The circumstances surrounding a person so that includes both the family and even friends, classmates, as well as teachers. It should be noted that the family is the first building block in the life of any individual, and its great role in helping the child or individual out of this situation is indicated, especially when following advice Recommended by industry professionals.

Loss of social skills. Excess sensitivity of the individual, so that is exemplified by his feeling of fear and confusion about anything, but from the physical point of view we see this sensitivity manifest through constant sweating, redness of the face, and sometimes yellowing. Accompanying people who do not possess the same mental ability, and who possess the trait of excessive shyness, which increases a person's sense of shyness and adopting strange habits as them.

How to overcome shyness

The treatment of this problem lies by providing an atmosphere of calm and reassurance for the child, which reflects positively on his psyche, and the problem that led to the occurrence of shyness must be identified and eliminated from its roots, consult a specialist in this field, and accustom the child to exercise and choose a room with a sunny atmosphere And good ventilation for him with the need to encourage him to express himself correctly.

Many people suffer from the problem of shyness and fear, and this problem is widespread in all societies, some people may be afraid of high places, and others are afraid of speaking in front of people, as well as exaggerated shyness, and fears differ from one person to another, and if the person does not address these concerns From the start, it will only get worse.

Extreme shyness is defined as a psychological condition that affects the individual, which leads to the occurrence of feelings of constant anxiety and tension, and thus the person feels excessive and intense shyness, and through that, he is unable to interact with people, so that ideas about people always fluctuate in his mind, about how they see him, and how he behaves.

As for fear, it is considered a psychological condition that causes discomfort, and its symptoms include: heart palpitations very quickly, trembling, and sweating, which affects a person's life, and he cannot live as he wants. To get rid of the problems of shyness and fear, we must know the reasons for this to be able to treat them.

Causes of shame and tear

Following are the causes of shyness and fear :

  • Genetic factors.

  • Isolation and loneliness.

  • Pampering or excessive cruelty from a young age.

  • False breeding.

  • The person has experienced a psychological or nervous shock.

  • Watching scary movies at night, which negatively affects the viewer's psyche.

  • Deprivation.

  • Loss of love and attention.

  • Birth defects and anomalies.

  • Lack of self-confidence, with a negative view of it.

Ways to get rid of shyness and fear

Some of the ways described below can help get rid of shyness and fear ;

  • Interacting and communicating with people, leads to the acquisition of social skills.

  • Confronting the causes that lead to shyness and fear, to get rid of the source that causes them.

  • Training him to increase self-confidence, by participating in clubs and summer trips.

  • Developing the individual's capabilities and talents; Because makes him such a talented person.

  • Getting rid of negative thoughts and feelings, and replacing them with a positive outlook on oneself.

  • Try to develop the ability of confrontation, while avoiding escaping from the problem, as it will make the matter worse and will never solve it.

  • Will and determination to succeed.

  • Far from indecision.

  • Express feelings.

  • Strengthening friendship between individuals.

  • Facing reality.

  • Stay away from remorse.

  • Recreation of the soul in all its forms.

  • Breathe deeply, do relaxation exercises, and yoga.

  • Write down the feelings on paper, then tear the papers.

  • Bathing in warm water will help you relax.

  • Eat some foods that fight fear and increase the individual's sense of happiness.

  • Such as green tea, which helps reduce problems and mental disorders, chocolate and its association with feelings of happiness, and nutritional supplements and vitamins that help relieve anxiety and tension.

  • Reading the Holy Quran; is one of the best treatment methods.

How to get rid of shyness and redness of the face

The person's understanding of the problem of excessive shyness Thinking about the basis and causes of this problem: Shyness does not necessarily mean introversion and a person’s lack of self-love, rather it may be caused by a feeling of anxiety and embarrassment as a result of the attention and consideration of others, but the basis of the problem of shyness may have more dangerous dimensions than it appears.

Such as the person not seeing his accomplishments or his ability to engage with others, or even not feeling the people's love for him.

Acceptance of a person for the characteristic of shyness in him: One of the first steps that must be taken to overcome the problem of shyness is to accept it, and to try to feel comfortable in its presence. The more a person resists this feeling, the problem persists for a longer period, and it may also worsen, and it is accepted by constantly reminding the soul of that.

Discover what drives the feeling of shyness: a person should notice when his feeling of shyness and redness of the face begins, such as when he is among a large group of people, or when he is trying to solve a specific problem or situation, or when meeting a new person, and once these things are discovered, it is good to put them on a list So that the person begins to treat it gradually. Talk to someone else about this problem Sometimes the solution to the problems that a shy person faces is talking to another person, especially if he is a close person such as a brother, mother, father, or a friend.

This helps to feel comfortable and confident at the same time due to the displacement of this worry, and the confidence gained from the ability to reveal and talk about this problem, and the other person may provide advice to help solve this problem and alleviate its symptoms.

Boost self-confidence Looking in the mirror and speaking with confidence: The method of looking in the mirror has a great effect and results, especially when a person has a fit among a large number of people, and thus the person talks and looks at himself as if others are looking at him, and this will cultivate self-confidence, and get rid of Shyness a great deal.

Participation in special courses: There are social groups that suffer from this same problem, so everyone meets with each other to address the problem of excessive shyness and increase self-confidence.

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