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People often encounter multiple fantasies that transport them to another world through which they can control their lives and the issues they face without being able to deter them or stop them. It is an obsession that develops ideas in a person’s mind based on his wish for a wish, which is often aimed at determining the future that satisfies him. Imagination has many different concepts that scholars and thinkers have identified.

Definition of imagination

  1. Definition of Arthur Reaper

The process of combining memories, past experiences, and previously formed images and employing them within a new structure, and is an activity that a person undertakes with all creativity and may be based on the desires of the human being, the reality he lives, future stories, or reviews of his past, so he is the expectations of the present. , Reviewing the past, inventing the future.

  1. Definition of Kate Egan

Exercising the mind and activating its various functions, and is not a mental function in itself, as it is the human ability to think about possible things, and it expresses modernity and the ability to produce and form in the individual, and it helps the mind to enrich its information and ideas, and the ability to form and imagine images is a common factor and a form of Imagination.

  1. Definition of Shaker Abdul Hamid

A process that the human being carries out willingly and with flexibility, through which he can wander in his world through his mind, forming images and moving them until he reaches what he wants, and it is a holistic process with its branches.

Types of fiction and its divisions

Following are some of the types of imagination and fictions :

  • Imagination arising from memory, whereby a person remembers the events that went through in the past by employing the imagination.

  • The imagination called daydreams is what a person conceives in his mind that is far from reality.

  • They are hopes and wishes that have not yet been fulfilled, which causes a person to be frustrated and sad when the imagination ends and returns to reality.

  • Spectrum imagination, where a person can recall the complex scenes that he previously saw in all their details as if they were in front of him, and this ability enables students to recall the information they had previously studied by retrieving the pages and information inside them with their minds.

  • The imagination that occurs to humans before sleep and after waking up.

  • Imagination is caused by dreams when sleeping.

  • Imagination resulting from deprivation, which is called hallucinations, when a person faces deprivation in all its forms and types, his nervous system triggers these hallucinations until the deficiency and impotence are compensated.

  • Synthetic and creative imagination, whereby a person uses all his senses to produce many creative ideas, such as writers and authors.

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Written by   153
1 year ago
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