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100$ Split Into Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Every Week. Week #19 - Pain

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1 month ago


The portfolio is down almost 20%. But it's not a crypto-only phenomenon. The stock market is also down. The whole world is shaken by uncertainty. Is a recession coming? No one can predict that for sure. But if we look at history the markets have always reached new all-time highs sooner or later. So I still see this as a good time to buy. If this turns out to be the time of peak fear it is a great time. But even if we are going lower. I am ready to endure the pain. Because pain is temporary but glory lasts forever.

Starting from this week I will also be including a comparison with the S&P500 index fund.

Check out the previous update here!

About the experiment

Follow along my journey of investing 100$ every week split equally into the Top 10 cryptocurrencies at the time. I will post updates about the overall growth of my experimental portfolio as well as some insights about the biggest winners and losers of the portfolio.I am not including stablecoins in my experiment, and will not be staking or earning interest on any cryptocurrency in this experimental portfolio. The purpose of this experiment is to see if investing weekly in Top 10 cryptocurrencies is a feasible long-term investment strategy and to measure it against other common strategies. For the purposes of this experiment, I will also not take into account trading fees, so I can invest an equal amount of dollar value into each of the cryptocurrencies.

Week # 19 - DOWN 19.5%



Total value: 1,449.15$

Total invested: 1800$

Profit/Loss: -350.96$


Portfolio vs BTC:


Portfolio: -19.5%

BTC(same period): - 15.57%

The margin by which BTC is outperforming the experimental portfolio is growing week by week. But I think this trend could reverse if we get a return to bullish market sentiment.

Portfolio vs the S&P500 YTD:


Portfolio: -19.5%

S&P500 YTD: -13.5%

Although last week the experimental Top10 crypto portfolio had an edge over the S&P500, this week the tables have turned. And the extra volatility in the cryptospace has brought our portfolio to new lows.

Biggest winners of the week:

Only red this week, and these lost the least. Cardano has done exceptionally not bad this week. We haven't seen this coin on the winner's list for a while. Maybe the bottom is close for Cardano.

1.ADA     -        -0.4% 

2.DOGE  -        -1.8%

3.XRP     -        -2.5%

Biggest losers of the week:

1.LUNA       -     -16.2%

2.SOL          -     -11.0%

3.BTC           -    -9.2%


Week #19 -  pie chart 

Pie chart of holdings before acquisitions.

List of Top 10 cryptocurrencies and their prices at the moment.


Changes in Top 10:

XRP        +1 position

ADA       +2 positions

SOL         -2 positions

LUNA      -1 position

Purchases - 100$

1.BTC +0.0002905    Price $34413.49

2.ETH +0.003915     Price $2553.03

3.BNB +0.02783      Price  $359.43

4.XRP +17.4            Price  $0.574866      +1 position   

5. ADA +13.18        Price $0.758390        +2 positions

6.SOL +0.1311        Price $76.29             -2 positions       

7.LUNA +0.1502     Price $66.58              -1 position

8.DOGE +79.3         Price $0.126074       

9.DOT  +0.74          Price $13.52       

10.AVAX +0.1894   Price $52.82      



Portfolio after purchases:

Total value: 1,557.45$

Total invested: 1900$

Profit/Loss: -342.67$

%Change:  -18.03%


Pie chart after purchases:

Stay tuned for an update next week!

I will post an update of:

  • Overall value change of portfolio

  • My weekly purchase

  • Changes in Top 10 cryptocurrency list

  • Biggest gainers and losers of portfolio

Thank you for reading!

Feel free to comment and leave some feedback.

Good luck with your investments! Let the money do the work!

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Written by   33
1 month ago
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