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Supporting Our Qwyn

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6 months ago

Our baby girl, Qwyn Amari is turning one by Thursday and we took a quick DIY photoshoot for this little one.

It is not easy to take photos of a baby because we can't tell them to pose, we can't teach them to do this and that on the spot and we can't also control them. When the baby says no, and the mood is off, then, it will be a tough time.

So, we need the support of the entire family to get this done. Actually, not really but we just want to support our little baby, the youngest of the family. She's just three months younger than Matti but they were born in the same year.

Her full name is Qwyn Amari but we call her either kweng kweng or just amari while Matti calls her dai-dai.

Disclaimer: these are not the official photos, these are just shots taken by James, my husband while I was shooting Amari. Official ones at the end of this article.

We pick this location because we know no one's going to be here. This is a spot just five minutes drive away from our house. We could pick that one opposite to our house but there's no flat surface and there's a thick and tall presence of rice plants and we don't want that. Our first option was actually our room but upon seeing the huge letter standees, I thought it would be hard to stay indoors.

It wasn't hard to reach here, we drove there in our car and the standees were sent by my brother in a separate vehicle together with the rest of the family members who were there to cheer for our baby girl.

At the location, we placed a banig on the ground. We noticed that there were areas too where the grasses were pulled out. We went here a few months ago and the land was still intact, this time, someone seemed to have found this spot and taken some grasses!

After the banig is a white comforter. This helps reflect light as we are just using the natural light of the sun for this shoot. I usually do because it's a hassle to bring additional lights.

The baby doesn't want a headband!

We started off with her wearing her pink tutu and a top with the word One printed on it. It's cute because the letter O is a donut and our family loves donuts! I was even craving when I saw her shirt and we just ran out of donuts a day before the pictorial.

Her mom bought a headband with the number 1 on it but unfortunately, this baby isn't a fan of headband!

So she was taking it out while her mom would put it back but she was quick to pull it out from her head again! It was a cycle. See the hand of her mom on that photo above?

"I don't like headbands!"

It seemed like she's irritated with the headband so, after a few attempts, we just took it off as she is already crying each time we put it back.

We proceed with the next accessory, the letter standees! These were made by her mom's sister-in-law's friend. That sounds complicated, let's just say a friend made it for them instead.

Letter O with a crown! This baby's name is Qwyn so she just deserves a crown.

But she seemed unhappy and her looking at the camera so seriously after all the singing with matching action and all efforts from all of us! She sure has no plans of smiling for us so we decided to bring in the balloons!

Plain N. There were a few balloons with colors white, pink, yellow, and gold. Unfortunately, some of them popped while they were placed on the ground, perhaps, the grasses were too spiky for them!

At last! Amari smiled when we took some balloons out and it made her busy for the next few minutes.

E with stars. We had to be fast and I took a few snaps for this and then asked the mom to place the last letter while she was still very much into the balloons.

But it seemed like she got over with the balloon too soon as well. She was not anymore happy and showed no signs of smiles for the next few minutes of us entertaining her.

We just decided to move on and place all the letter standees behind her this time.

While waiting for that, I saw the "kuyas" munching and having their snacks while watching some YouTube videos on the phone. I thought they'd be playing around because the ground was wide and spacious but here they are sitting on this wooden seat, enjoying their biscuit and video.

Achi Zaila was bored, she said she is not feeling well, she wanted to rest. She's asthmatic and said she seemed to be having some asthma attacks so we told her to sit down but ZM was not okay about Achi taking over his seat!

Now back to the shoot...

Amari allowed us to put on the crown headband while she plays with a balloon stick. This made her happy but she wasn't looking at the camera. So we were not able to take a good shot of her smile with her eyes fixed on the lens. But that's already satisfactory - a candid smile!

Matti was with us during this pictorial, he was with the grandmother while the parents were doing their tita and tito duties. We were almost done.

Amari had to change to her 2nd outfit so while doing that, we took the comforter and the banig out as this time, we will only take photos of Amari and the letter standees with her on her denim jumper.

Actually, I bought this jumper a decade ago. It was a gift to Achi Zaila, I used to spoil our first niece with clothes and toys when I still have no baby yet.

So I was amazed when they told me that it was the denim I gave Zaila before, I couldn't remember though, I already had forgotten about the things that I bought her but I trust her mother's word and I was just in awe that the jumper still looks really new! It fits Amari well too!

Amari was all over this photoshoot. The sun was already starting to lose its power and the baby was not cooperating anymore. Look at the above two photos, her mom was trying to keep her standing but she wouldn't want to follow. She wouldn't want to stand so we decided to keep her at the center but her mom would be holding her then I took another shot of the standees without them so I can just use the masking tool in Adobe Photoshop and mask out the mom who's holding the baby.

The shoot ended and here are some of the final photos:



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Written by   283
6 months ago
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cutie nmn ng baby girl mu sis and nice pictures din ganda p ng view sana mgka baby girl n din me hehhe

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6 months ago

It is the first time I hear people are doing this. I hope she had a great party. I like those big letters 💖

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Cutie naman ng Qwyn na yan sis! Hahaha ang ganda ng location nyo, parang ang sarap mag picnic hahaha

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Wahhh hello baby Qwyn ang cutie cutie naman ng baby na iyan ee kagaganda pa ng kuha UwU.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Aww!! That one year celebration would surely be exciting! She looks so adorable! The shots are beautiful. ❤️

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6 months ago

Baby looks really beautiful, makes me feel like I should have my own baby already.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

One na din pala ni bebe. Happy bday,baby gurl!

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Thats so nice. Congrats. Hope there's going to be a party? 🥳

$ 0.00
6 months ago