Control Anger: Murder is not a solution

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Life is unpredictable we don't know how much time we will live and when will we die so why we should live our lives just fighting why don't we think to live it peacefully

Yesterday when I was talking with my mom she told me about the incident in the city where 3 boys kill 2 boys just because they delay the time of car payment. And now after murdering them they all 3 hide where the police don't find them. I was shocked after listening to this news because the reason for murdering them is not so big and I think all this incident happened because of anger & ego

Things that we should learn from this incident

1: Anger is not a solution to a problem it will create the worst situation for example the boys who murder now will not leave life peaceful they have fear in their minds that maybe someday someone kills them like this and if it does not happen police find them and they have to live in prison for life. Instead of anger if they choose to stay calm and talk with each other situation will be different and will be in favor of both parties. So always think twice before doing anything in anger

2: Don't think about yourself only always think about other life too. The boy who gets murdered is the only son of his parents and he has no brother and sister now he is dead what will his parents do? Nothing because now the backbone of parents is no more In short by killing him they kill his whole family so when you take decision always think about every person that is included in that specific matter

Some ways to control anger

  • The first and most important way of controlling anger is to start thinking about your favorite person to automatically your anger convert into happiness and you feel calm

  • Try to divert your mind and think about why you are feeling angry is this a good thing to become angry. And ask a question to yourself that you make a good decision in anger to not

  • Start watching anything on youtube so that you find some time to think about the issue first before showing anger

  • Think about a person in front of you and what will your anger impact on him/her. Is she/he gets hurt

  • Drink water or start eating anything this will also help you in thinking because while eating you can't speak and you find time to think about what you are going to speak

Closing Thoughts

I think we don't become good people until we think about others because everyone's life has an important they also have heart. Not, everyone is the same everyone has a different way of thinking it depends on us how we take their words. In short, I think we should learn to give importance to everyone and think about everyone in this world because when we spread the love we get to love and when we spread hate we get hate

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Whatever we're facing right now, someone out there is facing the worse, so taking our life is not the option

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