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A day without internet

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1 month ago

Hello everyone! Did you ever think about what will you do if there is no internet in your life? What will you do then? If not then think about it just like I think today

A day without internet

Every year according to the Islamic calendar on the 10th of Muharram the Internet service of our whole country Pakistan turned off due to security reasons (it's a long discussion why?) To be precise it. I just want to say to protect the crowd of the Shia community from any illegal activity that gathered in different places on the 10th of Muharram. Anyways let's back to the point. Today is the 10th of Muharram and unfortunately, I have no internet service at all also our wifi is not working well for the past few days and my dad don't have time to check what is happening so today I am living without internet

What I do without the internet

To be honest, I feel like something precious is missing from my life but all I can do is wait for the Internet or to do something else I am a girl, and being a girl skincare is my priority so today I do my skincare

Skincare that I do

I have crystal clear skin but no doubt every skin wants to care but my hand & feet are a little bit dark than my face so I decided to do manicure & pedicure at home using home remedies because I am not a fan of chemicals so I watch different youtube tutorials and make a perfect scrub. Ingredients that I use to make scrub are given below

  • Honey

  • Lemon

  • Sugar

  • Coffee

  • Turmeric powder

  • Gram flour

  • cow milk

How to make a paste to apply on hand a feet

First,t you need to take a bowl (wash it & dry it) put 1 tablespoon of gram flour l, honey, coffee & sugar then add a pinch or turmeric powder and 4-6 drops of lemon in it after that add milk in the mixture according to the paste your make. Make it a little bit thick so you can scrub easily after making it apply directly to your arms, hand & feet, and scrub for 5 minutes for each part and then wash it with warm water.

Results you see: you see a clear difference that your skin starts glowing also your hand feet become soft and you love touching them after then apply your favorite moisturizer on hand & feet

A free advice

If you want to see your skin glowy and soft every time never put moisture during the daylight just put Vaseline on your hand and feet at night and during daylight just put a sun block believe me you love it

For face

As I told you before my face is already clear and the reason for it is I always apply sunblock whenever I go outside or even in the house I put it. I use Vince sunblock.

I did skincare after so long and now I am feeling relaxed too at least I did something to make myself prettier and didn't waste my time lol

I do my skincare in the morning so at 12:30 pm I play with my younger siblings

After my skincare, I feel so bored and decided to play cricket with my siblings while playing we collect a lot of memories and I love spending time with them

The lesson I learned while having no internet

I think we all are lost in the Internet world while the real world is also important and we should need to focus on both no doubt internet is necessary but focusing on real world spending time with yourself & your family is also important.

We should need to manage our time and spend it wisely both on the Internet and also in real life

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Written by   92
1 month ago
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