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Jasmine : my favorite flower

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4 months ago

Flowers which are always used as a symbol of love and every body loves them too and almost every body has a garden smaller or bigger in his home and possibly have flowers in it . Every one loves all flower but when we ask him about his favorite so he will choose only one suppose if you ask me this question so , my favorite flower is jasmine I also have a lot of flowers in my garden including roses with a verity of colors and other scented flowers but jasmine is something more than other flowers to me you know why I love jasmine

Distinct scent :

Jasmine has a different smell now you will say that each flower has a different smell than others but jasmine is the only flower which when bloom it's attractive fragrance enchanted my morning while you have to bring close your nose to smell other fragrantic flowers 🌸. Jasmine is also one of those early flowers whose perfumes were made out right because of its uniqueness. And jasmine perfumes are still in use widely

Fresh white color :

Mostly the flower have attractive colour like red as in rose yellow as in melons because the have to attract butterflies and other insects insects for pollination but in the case of Jasmine it doesn't require any pollination because the flowers of jasmine are pollen less and mostly variety is do not produce seeds the only bloom sread their fragrance and wither and I also love their soft silky texture.

Jasmine is a perennial shrubs which can live for many years as I have planted two saplings of Jasmine in my back yard and one of them I lost because of fungal disease 2 years ago but one is still producing a lot of flowers average season and the season of jasmine is going right now and there are a lot of flowers Bloom every morning the white hygienic flowers look very beautiful in green leaf and it is a good combination of a green and white therefore it is also a national flower because our flag also contain green and white colour at the last one I would like to share a recipe made out of jasmine flowers which is Jasmine tea and it is widely available in market and but you can also make it at your own home if you have a Jasmine plant

I love to drink Jasmine tea in winter as I store and make it in late summer so let me share the recipes step by step.

  • First you need to pick almost mature but not open flowers to pick in the early morning write before this unhead rising because they will bloom if there would keep on growing you need to pick only fresh and mature buds

  • Remove their tiny stem beneath the buds and dry then in a shadow with green tea leaves if you don't have a green tea plant so you can add store bought green tea with them so that they might absorbed their flavor in their leaves that's it

  • When they are almost completely dried put them in a jar and enjoy in winter just add in hot water cover and when it release its essence drink it and enjoy your favourite Ascent you can also do this with your favourite edible flowers including roses , citrus , saffron and honey suckle

I hope you will like this so don't forget to leave a comment .

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Written by   11
4 months ago
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I, too, have a jasmine bush in my yard.😀 The ethereal scent that comes through the open window wakes me up every morning. Such an aroma stands, I get out of bed and sit and enjoy it. I have been making tea from it for years. Thank you for reminding me of it. It's already crumbling in our house.

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4 months ago