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Fake love is just sitting in wrong train

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1 year ago

We have unequally lucky and unlucky person. Lucky are less in numbers and majority are unlucky in a sense of finding true love.

If you have found a true lover then you are lucky.

If you your relationship is fake from other side then you are unlucky.

But have you ever thought that why break up is necessary??

Let me tell you with logic...

If you by mistake sit in the wrong train and your destination is opposite to yours. What will you do?? Will you tell them to take U-Turn??


It's impossible...

It's better to dismount from the train because wrong train will take you to wrong destination. It's better to get down in a mid way.

You will be dishearten first when you have a break up with wrong person but later you will realize it that you were on wrong track and you will thank to God.

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Yeah when one realises that their love is fake then they should just avoid it.

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1 year ago