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7 months ago

It's been a while since I last wrote. Many things had happened since then and I spent a great deal of time reflecting on those events. And wondering why the Bitcoin Cash price performance had been so disappointing and what could be done to improve on it.

I hold only Bitcoin Cash and nothing else. I'm loyal to the cause but I'm also an outlier and I don't expect anyone to be the same. My portfolio is 100% Bitcoin Cash and obviously, the price performance was very disappointing. So the question I had been asking is, what has to change? Clearly, what we're doing before wasn't showing results so far and it's not wise to think we have unlimited time. It's also not wise to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. There are thousands and thousands of cryptocurrencies competing with Bitcoin Cash and we have to move fast.

Bitcoin Cash by itself does not generate cash flow for its investors. Therefore, the main driver behind the price is purely down to buyers vs sellers. It's not even about better software because if it is, then Bitcoin Cash would be ahead of cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, based on technicalities alone.

In my opinion, the way we need to improve on the price performance and growing the community size of BCH is to incentivize people to come into BCH. But how? I am sure that there are many ways. One way I am personally doing right now is talking to traditional VCs. These are money that is currently not in crypto and I'm trying to bring these money into BCH. They don't even need to know about Bitcoin Cash. For example, I might revive some BCH projects that I neglected due to previously unfavorable circumstances. If the VCs are interested to invest in these projects, then I could convert their fiat investments into Bitcoin Cash, so they won't even need to know about Bitcoin Cash. Similarly, the users of these services may not need to know about Bitcoin Cash as well, while it's running transparently in the backend. Users pay with traditional methods like Credit Cards and their money is automatically converted into Bitcoin Cash when earnt and withdrawn by the other users.

With recent events, I know that some Bitcoin Cash supporters felt disheartened and discouraged. Not me. I eat disappointments and failures for lunch. I am pretty persistent in my goals. I will keep trying different ways to contribute towards Bitcoin Cash. If one doesn't work, I try another, and another, and another, until one day it works. There are some things in my life that I spent decades to achieve. What I do know is, sometimes it just need the right moment or the right place or the right solution, for the impossible to become possible. Sometimes just like Rosa Parks or Mahsa Amini, a single person can trigger cascading effects, so don't underestimate what you, a single person, can achieve.

The question is, why am I so persistent about Bitcoin Cash? Because I strongly believe that peer to peer money for the world is a huge benefit to humanity. I know because I have used it and I love it so much more than traditional financial systems. Just like the people protesting in Iran against evil tyranny, I am using Bitcoin Cash to protest against the traditional financial systems that had been leeching value from ordinary people like myself since the beginning of time.

And that's why I am persistent. I am a citizen of the Bitcoin Cash economy, peer to peer money for the world, always and forever.

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