Life Without Limits

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11 months ago

When was the last time you made a mistake or got rejected by a client and you felt positive about it? You don't because society has conditioned you to think that making mistakes and getting rejected (or some problems in your life) makes you a loser.

If a baby is learning to walk and gets scolded each time they fall, what a loser, can't even walk, why are you falling down all the time, it won't be helpful to their development. Fortunately, kids don't understand that. All they understood is that if you fall, you just stand up and try again and again until you can walk.

As adults, when we fall (ie. made mistakes), we are burdened with negative emotions. And because of that, some never try to "walk" again because of their past "falls". People who can't do something tell you that you can't do it but do not let other people's limitations become your own limitations.

I have a different way of thinking about mistakes and rejections. Each mistake and each rejection brings you closer to your goal and for me, that is progress worth celebrating and progress is better than taking no chances at all.

If there is anything I learnt from kids, it's that their mind has no limits. They don't understand what "loser" or "failure" mean. And I would like to apply that mindset to myself.

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Society has a knack for labelling people and these labels are usually reflections of a person's past actions, regardless of whether those are successes or failures.

If we would to listen to people's aspirations more often and label them based on what they're attempting to achieve, as a collective we would be much more forward thinking.

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11 months ago

it means we must look to the side of its positivity rather than its negativity. if your previous mindset doesn't work, then change. and i think this mindset will help a lot.

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11 months ago

I'm adopting the same mindset. I was overthinking about my failure before but I learned how to accept them and move forward.

The "fail-and-criticize" mindset is a toxic culture indeed.

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11 months ago

Truly if we can learn from the little kids about their lifestyle, we will do greater in life. They don't see negativity in all they do, they will keep trying till they get what they want and that's what we adults should do also. We should keep striking till we can get hold of it.

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11 months ago