Bitcoin Cash Gives Humanity Hope

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2 years ago

I believe that humans are more similar than different, no matter the color of your skin or where you are from. That brings me to the problem where the ongoing pandemic had caused me lots of anxiety, stress and poor mood. Adding to that, I’m currently fighting a mid life crisis against my mind. Basically, mid life crisis is your mind telling you that you’re a loser, even though you know it’s completely false, but it still bothers you very much. I had been having recurring nightmares and waking up to anxiety and panic. That brings me back to the original thought that if I am going through this, would it mean that others are going through the same problems too?

My immediate solution was really to take health supplements, specifically Vitamin B complex. I could feel a positive mood change about 2 hours after I take them. However, this won’t be a long term solution because the root cause of my unhappiness was really that I am miserable about the state of the world right now. The ongoing genocide, the climate change, the loss of human rights and liberty, the suppression of free speech and free thoughts, and many more. It seems to me that the more aware I am of what’s going on around the world, the more miserable I became. I want to solve these problems but how? I’m just one person.

But if every person thinks he/she can do nothing to effect change on the world, then nothing will be done. When we look at certain countries, maybe the bad guys are winning because the good people are not doing enough. The alternative explanation, which I refuse to believe in, is that there is simply not enough good people in this world. I refuse to believe in a world where there are more bad people than good people.

It brings me back to why I am such a huge supporter of the peer to peer digital cash system revolution. There is no question the cryptocurrency I am talking about is Bitcoin Cash. Just send $10 worth of BTC vs ETH vs BCH to yourself and experience for yourself which gives you the best user experience. Without a doubt, it is Bitcoin Cash.

Think about it, if you’re living under a government (which all of us are), even if it’s a perfect government today, in due time, someone corrupted and evil will eventually be the head of the government. What gives them power is money, unlimited amount of money, because the government controls the printing press. But if you take away their money, suddenly it erodes that power, the power to control the masses. America knows this and they are so good at using economic sanctions to control other countries.

Bitcoin Cash, magic Internet money, peer to peer digital cash system, changes that dynamic altogether. It gives me purpose and hope that one person like myself can effect change on the world. It gives me hope that one day, the power will be shifted back to the people, and as long as there are more good people than bad people in this world, then I have hope. And that hope keeps the light of happiness burning in my heart.

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