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Bitcoin (BTC) is a dictatorship and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a democracy. Here are the facts.

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1 year ago

Recently, I had been asking myself a question. If dictatorship is so bad, then why did the people elect the dictators into power in the first place? It does not appear to make sense to me. In my research into this subject, I find this article to be really informative.

For the benefit of everyone, let me just paste some of the interesting statements from that article. And you can start to see some similarities in Bitcoin (BTC) today.

"all of them realise that control of the press is important; that no good dictator will allow freedom of press to continue for very long. In fact, the very first act will be to close down publication houses and to eliminate, step-by-step, every single freedom."

"the cult is there to destroy common sense, to destroy reason, to sow confusion, to enforce obedience, to literally isolate individuals and crush their dignity. People have to self-monitor what they say and how they say it – and in turn they start monitoring other people."

The above are direct quotes on dictatorships and for people who have no idea of the censorships going on in Bitcoin (BTC), it is important to read this

The author also said that there is a very simple test to know if you are living in a dictatorship, "go to a country and try to find somebody who speaks out against the man in charge. This is very difficult in the People’s Republic of China today.

If you are interested to read more about the history of attacks against anyone speaking up against Bitcoin (BTC), you can check out this comment.

Many of us were banned from rbitcoin once we criticize Bitcoin (BTC). People who pointed out the problems of Bitcoin (BTC) are constantly attacked and character assassinated. Doesn't that remind you of something? These are hallmarks of a dictatorship so if you enjoy supporting dictatorships, then Bitcoin (BTC) is for you. For those of us who prefer liberty, freedom and democracy, thanks for continuing to voluntarily support the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) project.

Bitcoin Cash is liberty, freedom and democracy. Let's keep it that way. I leave you with a final quote, "Now it’s always good to be vigilant, we must be vigilant – but seen from a much longer historical perspective, these dictators are playing a very weak hand. They will lose."

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1 year ago
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Indeed all points made are clear and good enough.

BCH is a democracy, thanks for this article

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for the support :)

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