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No hope for South Africa 🇿🇦

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4 months ago

It sadness me by the current situation in South Africa total disaster the x president Mr Zuma is now in jail and in the name of releasing him people sorry criminals are looting shops damaging properties even burning trucks with the driver still inside

In South Africa attempting to loot a store

If him being in jail is doing this then well he should just stay inside and all those looting can join him since they say they are his people he has to be held responsible for all damages

Looted a truck and set it on fire by protestors and thieves

Now the state of the country is ruined everyone was still trying to come back from Covid and now this

Metro police not enough man power to control the situation

Now i can say i preferred the apartheid days now it should be government free country

Clicks well known store looted by Criminals in the name of protest

Nobody can control the distraction of South Africa 🇿🇦

Private security on standby ready for the looters

God be with those who have suffered

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Written by   5
4 months ago
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