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Losing in order to succeed

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6 months ago

When people are successful, we always focus on their success, not on the years of struggle, failure and trying again and again.

We only see the bright side and don’t want to or forget about the years of hard work, while those years mostly bring the most inspiring and motivational stories. Most leaders believe money is the biggest indicator of success. Others say freedom from a boss, or to choose how to spend their time is success. Still others say being seen as an industry heavyweight is most important.

We all have something we fear. For each of us, it will be in different areas of our lives and in different amounts, as we are all different people. The people who succeed in life are the people who can manage their fear. While they may look fearless, most will tell you there is still fear, but they go forward anyway. Courage is another term for that force that moves you forward, despite your fear.

One of the most important senses most humans posses is pain. Pain allows us to learn very quickly from our mistakes. Picking up a sharp object, falling over, bumping into things, dropping something on your foot the pain involved quickly allows children to learn not to do these things.

Without the pain, children would not learn through their failures. Without this failure, they would not learn how to succeed.So do not be afraid of failure, it is a part of your road to success. The quickest road to success is to possess an attitude toward failure of ‘no fear.

I give you 4 reasons why you should embrace failure and see it as a valuable part of your journey, after all without failure, how sweet would success be?

* Failure determines the kind of person you are.

* Failure brings character and humbles you.

* Failure will make you reach your potential.

* Failure is life’s greatest teacher.

Tips not to loose hope:

* Be an encouraging person.

* Be uplifting no matter what may be.

* Be a very positive.

* Embrace your tough times and explore what options exist to create an even better life.

* Remember all the previous tough times you’ve battled through and how you got out of them.

* Understand why you are experiencing tough times, but be grateful for what you still have.

There are 5, not 1, keys to success. They are: Determination, Skill, Passion, Discipline And Luck.

Here are tips for success:

* Find What You Love to Do and Do It.

* Think Big.

* Don’t rely on others.

* Get rid of distractions.

* Get rid of stagnating thoughts.

* Make the journey fun.

* Seek knowledge, not results.

* Take away distractions.

* Be committed. Through commitment, you can gain motivation to pursue success.

* Cultivate Positive Relationships.

* Be a Person of Action.

* Have an Unwavering Resolution to Succeed.

* Do Not Be Afraid of Failure.

* Learn How to Balance Life.

* Don’t Be Afraid of Introducing New Ideas.

* Believe in Your Capacity to Succeed.

* Always Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude.

As most of us take this hard, and each loss takes with it a portion of our confidence, with some shaking the very foundation of who we think we are. But what if these losses could add to us, rather than take away? What if we could use loss to succeed?Well, you can!

We all lose. Even if we make all the right choices. And it’s not just winning realizing that you have the psychological tools that, after setbacks, can help change how you handle problems.We all feel an emotional low after we have failed, that is natural, human and inevitable. But how we respond to our failures is what determines our road to success.

So often in the day, we let our fear get in the way of success. The feeling of failure becomes so powerful that we withdraw the things that may bring us great success. What you’ve accomplished, improve upon it, and be very pleased with the results. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself, rationally evaluate your chances and go forward to reach your goals! Do it now. Stay motivated.

Finally, I think we should cut people some slack. If they are not at a place right now where they want to win in life, perhaps they will be in a few weeks, months or years...

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Written by   5
6 months ago
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