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Covid Vaccine makes me angry

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5 months ago

Angry about the Covid vaccine topic

My personal point of view;

• How can a school administrate Covid vaccine to their students without parents consent?

• And how can the Covid vaccine be given 1st to the private schools before government yet it's the government that's giving out the vaccine for free?

• Without medical test to see if a person is fit for the vaccine how can a person be given the vaccine?

• Why say the vaccine will protect you against Covid when after a week or more you end up having Corona?

• It is a trial vaccine why make the public your lab rats to test it?

• If it fails after a while how many will die?

• The vaccine released is for type 1 Covid what about the other types?

• So no benefit of taking the vaccine even it will only be active for 6 months in the human body?

• It means 1st the vaccine weakens your immune system before it strengthens it?

• As there has been reports of fake Covid vaccines some is just glucose and salt water so how will someone know what is real and fake? For those who choose to get vaccinated.

The only time i will take a vaccine if I'm fully protected against all types of Covid with no side effects especially like high fever, blood cloths or even death.

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