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A great leader's efforts to waste

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3 months ago

Nelson Mandela was a great freedom fighter one of the best and last to fight for something right but his people have now destroyed his legacy

This generation just disrespected him and for his efforts he fort for their future but now they looted their own burned down the country killed the economy

And still doing so not stopping to think what will be left for their children it's just ruthless what they have done to SouthAfrica and they are playing the blame game and racist attitude

They not fooling nobody but putting an end to their own people it's so late how can people recover and rebuild from this

You looted every business except educational premises because you don't want an education or to educate your next generation you don't want South Africa to have peace and be one of the best developing countries

South Africa is much more and can be better but you have taken it's beauty away nobody will come to your rescue nobody

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