A Poem, a Pen, and a Tune: BCH to the Moon

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2 years ago
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Yesterday, I posted my poem entitled Isang Akda mula sa isang Makata (A Poem from an aspiring Poet). But it was written in our language which is Filipino.

If you cannot understand the said tula (poem). Do not worry because I have provided an English version of it in this article.

A paper, an ink and a pen

It's just a simple thing but it can be considered a weapon

Weapons of the so-called poets

Who loves to make such works.

Here I am now, sitting in a chair

Thinking of a topic in different ways for your sadness, be relieved

And also finally, in order for it to leave

And to attain happiness as well.

As I have mentioned earlier

A poet is the one who made this article

A poet like me who happily shares poems to everyone

For anyone who loves such works, and also to each and everyone.

When you are lonely and have no one to talk to

Or maybe just stunned by the cloud. Do not give up on your dreams, my friend

Because success will be yours too

You only need to have faith and a lot of patience.

Life is full of pain and hardship

In fact, many are getting sick.

Others are already clinging to a knife

But do not let your eyes close completely, or simply, do not end your life.

All problems have solutions

We may not be in the same direction

Still remain steadfast and full of determination

Even though the ground has fallen and you are already full of emotion.

One, two, three, four, and five

The stanza where we are now was on the sixth

I hope somehow you are comforted by my poem about a bit of BCH and life

Which is full of emotions that were mixed.

I guess you are now smiling

Your eyes are probably of sparkling

It was like a sky full of stars that are glowing

And like diamonds on the ground, they are shining.

I am now very active

In building lines that really rhymes

Something which could be a state of the art

That also came from the depth of my heart.

Indeed, the righteous and generous are blessed

But being humble should not be forgot

Anyone arrogant in behavior and in the eyes of the mass

Will never be happy, and yet will be sad.

It's not bad to brag sometimes

If it is in a good way

You should not step on someone

Instead, be kind to anyone.

If you are full of grace

Do not hesitate to help others

Because anyone who helps others

Will really continue to be blessed.

If you have done something wrong

Confess and ask for forgiveness

Do not forget to pray in church

Even if you have nothing to ask for.

I seem to be running out of words

Running out of words to say to the audience

My pen's ink is also about to run out now. I bow down and pray.

Because if you really want something, there are many ways, they say.

I have a lot more to tell you

I started it by giving advice

Now we have to prove ourselves

In whatever content of our heart.

Our mind says differently than what our heart dictates to us

But whatever it is my friends, you still have to choose one thing

To choose the right thing that is best for us

Since we are not able to have and chose everything.

Do not do things that you'll regret in the end

Only do what can truly give happiness and helpful to you, my friend

Whether you are a woman or a man

You need to be wise in your choices, once the opportunities are given.

Do not be afraid to do something like this or something like that

We all make mistakes and go through something like this and like that

We will all get to our desired destination

Just trust and never get tired of achieving your dreams and satisfaction.

One, two, three, four, five, up to nineteen

I hope you somehow enjoy it, it'll already enough to win

I hope you found something from what I know

And I hope you enjoy my work's flow.

The read.cash fund now has seven numbers

Thanks to sir @MarcDeMesel who is truly blessed

I hope that this way somehow, I will make him happy

Together, let's be grateful and have unity.

A poem, a pen, and a tune

BCH to the moon

Again, a paper, an ink, and a pen

I am a poet since then.

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2 years ago
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