Pointers : Planning to Work Abroad ✈️

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A reminders to all aspiring individual who dream for a greener pasture ✈️

Why I kept on posting this kind of article?

As I have observed, in our country we are blessed with man power. The job qualifications we have here was standardize so applying and working abroad is the common mindset each individual would like to do.

So let me leave this one again♥️


1️⃣. Don't go abroad if you are not confident.

🏷️You only have yourself and you go out in your comfort zone miles away from your friends and family ( loved ones as well).

2️⃣. Don't go abroad if you can't endure and sacrifice.

🏷️Imagine you have to work 24/7 sometimes if your employers lack of humanity. Sometimes even if your sick you are obliged to wake up and serve your host family and continue doing your job description.

3️⃣. Don't go abroad if you can't persevere.

🏷️You signed the contract for about 2 years. So, inorder for you to have a good record as to be used for your preference in the next job application you have to persever inorder to finished your contract.

4️⃣. Don't go abroad if you are not strong.

🏷️Again, you only have yourself so even if you are bombarded, you have to be still. This includes :( family problems, sicknesses, financial, heartbreak).

5️⃣. Don't go abroad if you are just complaining.

🏷️At first place you already knew what kind of job you are applying for. So stop complaining. Just reminisce back your journey upon your application.

6️⃣. Don't go abroad if you can't eat your pride.

🏷️This made sense! As an helper sometimes our employer will not be satisfied for tge service we rendered to them. Sometimes they scolded 6 ft beyond, even if it's not our fault and it requires us to ask an apology.

7️⃣. Don't go abroad if you can't bear the sadness.

🏷️You'll gonna miss a lot of celebration. For me the saddest part of all was during Christmas Eve and New year, when you can see them how happy they were complete while you just sleep alone and let the day pass just like an ordinary days.

8️⃣. Do not go abroad if you are weak.

9️⃣. Don't go abroad if you don't know how to approach.

🔟. Don't go abroad if you are not sure why you are going abroad.

🎯Life abroad is never for the faint heart. You’ll be out of your comfort zone - out of the familiar, safe place you’re used to.

💣Here, the life of your sorrow will eat you up; you will cry suddenly for no apparent reason.

You’ll get frustrated a lot of times.

🧭You can't help but compare your life then in the Philippines with your life now here abroad. You’ll even start giving up on yourself. And you’ll start questioning if you’ve really made the right decision.

🎭You will adjust-to a new life, a new environment, a new person, and a new job.

⚖️If you were in the Philippines, you were the boss and you were already at the top, here you will start again at the bottom.

💵If you apply pride, nothing will happen in your life. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a good job with a big salary.

🎓The others, have graduated and been able to work in a good company in the Philippines but when they come here they will be able to enter any job - waiter, driver, receptionist, kitchen assistant, saleslady and others.

🪖Here, it doesn’t matter what your job is; the important thing is that you support your family with every shipment you make. ♥ ️

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That was indeed nice pointers for those planning to work abroad. Stereotyping of people about those working abroad like having a lot of money, living comfortably and so many others should be cut off. It is not easy.

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