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Benefits of Papaya fruit, leaves, and seeds

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Benefits of Papaya Fruits, Leaves and Seeds

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Papaya is a Fruit but when it comes to the kitchen, Filipinos consider it as a delicious vegetable that can be added to various Filipino dishes.

It has a green color when raw turning yellowish orange when ripe.


1. Where did Papaya come from?

2. Why is this vegetable mistaken?

3. Description

4. Papaya Health Benefits:

5. Did you know that Papaya leaves are used to cure Dengue?

6. How to use papaya leaves for dengue?

7. Ways to eat papaya seeds

8. How much papaya seeds can be eaten?

9. Atsara

10. How to cook Spicy Papaya?

11. How to grow Papaya?

12 How to know the sex of papaya:


Where did Papaya come from?

Papaya was introduced to the Philippines by Spain. Filipinos are lucky because papaya is really useful.

The Spanish wanted to share the benefits of papaya not only in the stomach but also in health.

They also want to be developed by Filipinos because they know that Filipinos are creative and intelligent.

Papaya is a Tropical Fruit, ideal because the Philippines is a tropical country. That is why this fruit is still producing good fruit in the Philippines.

Why is this vegetable mistaken?

At times, some Filipinos mistakenly believe that papaya is a vegetable. This is because papaya is always added to Filipino cuisine when it is not ripe.


Papaya has large stems, fruits and leaves.

This single pillar supports it all.

The papaya tree is very simple but has many hidden benefits.

Papaya has many seeds so it is easy to reproduce and we will also discuss the health benefits of these seeds.

Papaya is delicious to eat cooked or ripe map, its nutrients are multiplied and strengthened, which provides a good benefit for our body.

Below, we will discuss the health benefits you can get from papaya, we will also learn how to cook it properly for best results.

Papaya Health Benefits:

Losing weight - papaya is low in calories, calories are the main cause of fat gain, when you eat papaya, you will be full but only with low calories. Eating papaya regularly can really help you lose weight and weight loss is good for overweight people.

Strengthen Resistance against Diseases - Having a disease or illness is not good for health and daily activities, at worst, medicine and hospitals today are very expensive. But thanks to Papaya which contains Vitamin C, eating half of its fruit daily is enough to meet your daily need for Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the most popular immune booster Vitamin you can get used for your health.

Against Diabetes - Many foods contain sugar and Filipinos love sweets that can lead to Diabetes. Papaya contains Fiber which can improve blood sugar and lipids for people with diabetes and also maintain sugar for those without.

Clearer Vision - Having Macular degeneration affects some adults nowadays, Vitamins deficiency is one of the causes of that disease. Papaya has Vitamin A which improves eye health and protects it from any kind of disease.

Youth - Papaya is well known for its beauty products and we cannot deny that it is more effective. Papaya has Vitamin C which helps as an antioxidant and Vitamin E which nourishes the skin. You can also use papaya products like soap and shampoo to look younger than your age.

Cancer - Papaya has phytonutrients and flavanoids that help our body eliminate free radicals that can reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer.

Stress Disorders - You can easily get stressed if you lack nutrition and according to studies, Vitamin C can make a rat happy. Papaya has a lot of Vitamin C and being happy can fight the potential stress you may encounter.

Helps digestion - If you have a poor digestion, it can also lead to poor health. Digestion is our way to get nutrients, good digestion can get more vitamins. Papaya papain content also known as digestive enzymes will make your digestion faster, as well as Fiber from Papaya contributes to good digestion.

Faster Healing - The anti-inflammatory properties that you can find in papaya will make your body heal faster. Choline, a type of nutrient that can be found in papaya helps the cellular membrane structure to regenerate. It increases the absorption of fats and reduces the causes of chronic diseases.

Improves Heart Health - Strengthening the heart is one of the best benefits of papaya, the full nutrition you can get with papaya will help your heart stay healthy. Papaya is rich in potassium, Preventing sodium and consuming more potassium will help you to prevent heart diseases.

Did you know Papaya leaves are used to cure Dengue?

Papaya leaves have anti-malarial properties and can also increase the number of platelets of the patient. That is why Papaya leaves can fight dengue Fever.

According to one study, a study of 400 people with dengue who consumed a specific dose in the form of papaya leaf pills.

They experience a slight negative effect in exchange for recovery. But the good thing is that they no longer have to undergo blood transfusions.

How to use papaya leaves for dengue?

The most common way is to make a juice from the leaves and drink it. It may have a bitter taste but you only need 2 tablespoons of papaya leaf juice.

Another way is to soak the papaya leaves and drink its boiled broth.

But if you want a natural protection against dengue, eat only ripe papaya fruit, as it also has anti-malarial properties.

Dengue can be fatal if you do not act or do not have the right medication or solution. We always recommend consulting a doctor or professional if you notice something is wrong with your fever and if your family has one too.

But that's not all, do you know that Papaya seeds are edible or can be eaten? It can help you or for your digestion. Papaya seeds contain the papain enzyme which helps your digestive tract to improve digestion.

It is used in Chinese medicine to improve liver health.

Ways to eat papaya seeds

Pepper substitute - papaya seeds are like wasabi or black pepper, using it as a substitute is a great idea that is good for health.

Eat it straight - the fastest way to eat Papaya seeds is to eat it directly or swallow so as not to taste.

Try using sweetener - natural sweeteners like honey can reduce the taste of Papaya seeds and make them nutritious as well. Combining it with sugary foods can result in a more pleasant consumption of papaya seeds.

How much papaya seeds can be eaten?

Once you have to eat papaya seeds, you do not have to eat a lot of it to benefit from it. In fact eating a lot of it has a negative effect on your stomach. So just eat papaya seeds in moderation and remember that it is not a substitute for food.

And those are the benefits of eating Papaya, but this is not the end of our article because we will teach you some delicious and nutritious recipes from papaya that you can cook in your home.


One of the most popular Filipino foods is Atsara or Relish in English. This food is popular in Asia and many locals make this version of healthy food.

Filipinos also had their version of pickle, it has a combination of sweet and sour taste with fresh crispy texture.

The creativity of Filipinos is really shown when it comes to making food.

Pickles are very easy to make, you only need a few ingredients.

4 pieces of raw papaya (grated)

1 cup carrots

1/2 cup ginger (chopped)

1 red bell pepper sliced ​​thin

6 cups of sugar cane vinegar or palm vinegar (4% acidity)

4 1/2 cups sugar

1 tablespoon salt


Combine ingredients: grated papaya, carrot and bell pepper in a large bowl.

Prepare a pan and boil the vinegar, sugar, ginger, salt and pepper for 3 minutes.

Put the vegetable mixture you prepared in the pan.

Cover the pan and wait 7 minutes.

Prepare a large bowl, remove from the heat and pan and transfer the marinade to the bowl.

Let it cool and transfer it to a smaller container.

You can put it in the refrigerator for a tastier pickle and to linger.

Raw papaya in the Philippines is known as an ingredient in many cooked chicken with broth, it can also be cooked without meat and papaya really has an original flavor.

Papaya is very easy to cook and we have prepared a simple recipe for you to enjoy delicious and nutritious Papaya.

How to cook Ginisang papaya?


1 raw papaya, cut into small pieces.

Leaves of very nutritious Horseradish

4 ounces of shrimp, skinless.

2 tablespoons chopped parsley

1 small onion sliced.

4 parts of garlic, slice more

2 tablespoons fish sauce

1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper or crushed pepper.

3 tablespoons of oil.

Way of cooking:

Heat the oil in a saucepan or pan.

Add the garlic and onion and mix to prevent burns.

Add the raw papaya and the parsley.

Continue mixing

Put on the lid and wait 3 to 5 minutes.

Add the shrimp and let it simmer for 1 to 2 minutes.

Add the horseradish leaves. Stir and wait 3 minutes.

Put the fish sauce and add the pepper, mix.

Taste when cooked and your Papaya is ready.

How to grow Papaya?

Cut the ripe papaya seeds.

Wash it and let it dry.

Plant it half an inch and place 5 seeds per hole.

Keep the soil moist.

Wait for it to grow.

Choose Papaya Women because it can produce large fruits.

Plant only 1 papaya male for pollination.

How to know the sex of papaya:

The male Papaya has many flowers around it and it is smaller compared to the female papaya.

Papaya can bear fruit all year round and is a great source of nutrition and food. There are also Papaya farms selling papaya in the market.


Papaya is a fruit and not a vegetable. The Spaniards introduced it to the Philippines and it has many uses.

Papaya is a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. It has a Papain enzyme that helps digestion.

Its leaves can be used as a remedy for dengue and its seeds also have good benefits when it comes to your stomach.

Papaya is very easy to grow and you can plant it in your yard. It produces almost all year round and Papaya is a great source of food and nutrition.

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