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Sunday: Month End "Date"

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6 months ago

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Sunday is rest day or family day for most of us. This is also the day of the week were I usually eat some food cravings, I also called this as my chEAT day. So I want to alot my time in writing an article about food or travel every Sunday.

This is how I spent my Sunday or day today. Our kind of Sundate.

Sumo Niku

This is my 3rd time dining in here in Sumo Niku, it's an Unlimited Japanese Barbeque and almost the same concept with korean samgyupsal. I love meat but I haven't got a chance to eat it at home. My sister is not allowed to eat pork, so chicken will be the cheapest option for us.

It's been months since me and my bf last met. He got sick a month ago and he have work to do while me is an unemployed (self-employed rather). Since holiday on Monday, I think today is the perfect day to have a date.

I been craving for an unli meat and this the best option I could think of.

These are the options for the side dishes
These are the available options for meat. The prices are already included.

My bf already ordered some meat when I've arrived, but I made another orders of wagyu beef and u.s marinated beef. I haven't able to take a picture of how I made my order. There are small papers and pencil available in every table. You will just write the quantity of the food you wanted to order from side dishes to meat (also indicate your table no.), then give it to any available staff around. Few minutes your orders will arrive.

Here are my orders. 2 order of wagyu beef and u.s marinated beef, japanese fish cake,mozarella cheese and kimchi

It's grilling time! The quantity of servings of meat were small. If you are a fast eater, you have to write and order from time to time. Were kinda sad that there are no available lettuce, lettuce wrap is our favorite.

He grills, I eat. Haha

Though there are no lettuce we are still able to enjoy everything. Well,you can never go wrong with beef. The cheese was not pure mozarella, i think it's a combination of cheddar and mozarella. It's too salty.

Meat dipping in the cheese. The cheese is too salty for me.

Since there are no available lettuce, we ordered more kimchi. It's also our favorite. It's confusing though that they are serving kimchi here. I guess, japanese and korean cuisine are almost the same.

I guess, whe had 8 or 10 orders of kimchi. The servings are quite less.

I tried ordering some pork meat, 2 orders of pork belly unmarinated and 2 orders of black pepper pork belly. This is our last order for meat. I also had another bowl of japanese rice.

Pork meat and 3 pieces crab sticks. Haha

More like 3 spoonful of rice. Haha

If you wanted a dessert you need to order 2 or 3 servings to satisfy yourself. Their serving of fruit salad is too less.

These are for me only.

We were not really full but decided to bill out already. Too much meat is not healthy, and It's so much better if there are lettuce.

At Food Court

We supposed to eat a bingsu in Snow Panda but the store was already closed (it's no longer located in it's usual place). So we decided to just buy some stuffs in supermarket and hang-out in our favorite place, which is the Food Court.

It's our favorite hang-out place ever since. This is where we usually play in our mobile phone, watching our favorite kdrama and talking about personal stuffs and life. We bought some snacks while talking about different topics, we usually argue(it's healthy argument though) about things because we sometimes have different views and opinion.

I did not ordered milk tea, it's raspberry yougart. He also bought fried mozarella sticks.

We spent most of our day here. It's almost 6pm when we realized the time. We had a fun arguments of things, remembering it now made me laugh.

Buy 1 Take 1

We are heading home, when I saw a buy 1 take 1 sign in the shoes/sandals girls section. I normally see it here whenever i go to mall, but I suddenly wanted to buy today. I know my sister will love this so i message her immediately.

I already know what i want to buy, but my sister is taking long to choose from what I've sent. When she finally choose the design she want, her size were not available. So I had to check some design again. She wanted me to try some of it to check if it's good on feet, well I have a pretty feet so I guess everything will looks fine on me I am not sure though with my sister, kidding aside.

This is her 2nd choice, as you can see it looks pretty.

Finally, My sister was able to make her decision! I have a larger feet than my sister, her size is 8 while mine is 9 or 10. The sizes available are a bit larger than the normal sizes so I had to less one size. Wondering what did I bought for myself?

Here is my choice. I prefer sandals with straps.

This is how my day went. How's your day?, I hope you had an amazing day too!

A/N: I usually write about some past experiences, and writing things that happened a few hours ago is totally different. You can easily write because you can clearly remember everything. I don't know if I'll be able to do it every sunday, but I think that will be my challenge. Thank you so much for reading my articles! I been out for almost a day here in read and noise, I'll try to catch up to your articles and post later.

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Written by   24
6 months ago
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It sure look and sound fun, it's nice how life becoming more normal steadily.

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6 months ago

Yes is so much fun when you our having a great food with your favorite people! ❤

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6 months ago