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Back to the Rat Race

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1 month ago

I'm back at my work after a week of absence. Some asked how I was but the majority of my officemates didn't even notice.

I remember a netizen posted online her dilemma. During the last years of her stay in her work, whenever someone is celebrating a birthday she always contributes an amount for the birthday cake. But every year also no one ever contributes or celebrates her birthday in the workplace. She fills as if neglected and betrayed.

Those whom she seems are close to her do not even remember or even greet her. Of course, it would be impossible not to know her birthdays because it is noted in the calendar. So now she's hesitating if she will then pitch in for the celebration or that she will tell them no and let them know how she feels.

Some commented yes don't contribute and some said to show how she truly feels. But some also said that it's okay, just do the things like you used to. After all, it's just a small amount, the important thing is you shared.

I cannot see myself in her shoes cause my birthday is on December 23. Either it's already a holiday or that we are having our Christmas party. But sometimes I also wonder what if. Will I also share the joy of being celebrated? I'm an introverted person.

Before, if I'm in a new environment, it took me a month before I can have an east conversation with a colleague. But once I became a friend, I can tell you almost anything.

Now I'll focus more on improving myself. I'll deal with my job diligently. I will not jealous anymore of their close camaraderie.

After all, I cannot keep up with them cause I already have a family.

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Halu there...,, Mashaket man pero kelangan tanggapen at move on n lng. One day mararanasan din nila ung sakit ng iniignore😁

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1 month ago

Yes I think it's time to look for a greener pasture.

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1 month ago

Getting out of the rat race is easier said than done. It's difficult especially if our mind is trapped in that cycle.

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1 month ago