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Habits that drain your energy

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2 months ago

In recent days I talked to a friend who felt "low energy", she phoned me to tell me that she had been feeling down, with no energy to do things, she even told me that she felt paralyzed, and in addition she had gone out to do some shopping and had broken her shoe! The height of bad luck and bad vibes...

After talking with her for a long time, I thought about developing a series of articles to talk about "habits that drain our energy" and what kind of strategies we can use to raise our vibrational frequency without having to go to a therapist.

I'm going to start this series with a habit that robs us enormously of energy and we are all exposed to it every day: "worry".

Worrying about what we cannot control or is beyond our sphere of control significantly reduces our vibrational frequency, and also affects our physical, mental and emotional health, which is why we must learn to manage this bad habit and employ certain strategies to keep us in a more balanced state.

In days like these in which the pandemic we are going through has disrupted our way of life, even our way of thinking, our emotionality and the way we interact with the environment, it is extremely important to be aware of how those external factors that we cannot control can do serious damage to our state of well-being.

And we can see this in a practical way, that is, don't just take what I'm telling you and try it. If we become attached to the news about all the negative events happening in the world sooner or later they are going to hit our psyche and our emotions, eventually we will end up getting sick or be plagued with stress, worry and anxiety.

On the contrary, if we learn not to get "busy" wasting our energy on things that do not bring us value or well-being, we will see a big difference in our health and our way of going through the world.

I have always followed a saying:

"Where you put your attention, you put your energy"

If you worry about what you cannot change, control or solve, it is time to ask yourself this question: What good does it do you? What do you get from this habit?

My friend is permanently worried about the economic situation of the country, we know that in Venezuela there has been for many years a critical situation not only economically, but also socially and politically, among other elements, however, no matter how much she occupies her mind on that, it will not help in any way to solve the situation of the country.

And this does not mean that we should be indifferent, but simply that we should learn to pay attention to things that build us up and add value over things that bring us down and lower our energy.

A long time ago I read a phrase that I loved and I try to keep it in mind in my daily life:

I don't know who to attribute the phrase to, it was shared in a workshop I attended and I felt that it holds a great truth, since we only have control over our personal sphere, from this postulate and trying to keep my mind serene, I often try to question myself before the situations I live and ask myself:

Is this within the sphere of my control?

Can any of my actions change the course of this situation?

Can I change the way the other person thinks or acts?

If the answers to these types of questions are "No," then I don't worry, because there is nothing I can do to improve what is affecting me. It is understandable that we go through situations in which we may feel overwhelmed, but this takes years off our lives, making us aware of our mental states is of utmost importance for our self-care.

If I let myself get carried away by economic worries for example, I start to feel pressure in my neck and I get pains in my spine, there I realize that I have to act, try to find balance and review what I´m doing, sometimes I have realized that I have said a word or thought something that feeds this concern and immediately I assume that I have to change the strategy.

Other times, reviewing my actions (what is within my sphere of control) I have observed that I have to change the strategy to be more productive, or, flow in the midst of these abrupt changes within the economy by organizing the accounts and setting priorities, among other solutions. Most importantly, I don't make myself a victim of anything.

What I mean by this is that I cannot solve the economic situation of my country nor eradicate Covid, it's beyond my sphere of control, what I can do is to pay attention to how it affects me and within my field of action see what I can do so that it does not affect me in any area of life.

Taking care of our mental, emotional and physical health depends on us and how we let ourselves be affected by what is on the outside. Therefore, we must start by abandoning this type of habits that consume us, and look for tools that allow us to adapt or respond to adversity in a better way.

I hope this information has been useful to you, I would like to know what strategies you use to not fill your head with worries.

Thanks for your support!

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Written by   47
2 months ago
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You are right there are so many things in our lives which we cannot control any worrying about them does not help. Though is difficult not to worry it is in our nature. I enjoyed your article and agree it is better to focus on the positives and the things we can control for our own wellbeing.

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1 month ago

Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes, when we are surrounded by all the negativity, worry is the default reaction. But like you said, what will it achieve? If it only serves to deplete us of otherwise positive energy, then let go of that worry.

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2 months ago

It has been my thinking these past few years after realizing that worrying was useless and affected my health.

Thanks for your feedback, best regards

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2 months ago