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Valentine's Day art Cloud and Tifa

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7 months ago

Hey! wasn't sure about sharing this little fanart here but decided to in the end.

This is a Valentine's Day card I made for a special someone, the characters on the card are ones of my favs characters and ship couple of Final Fantasy VII. Cloud and Tifa are adorable together!!!. Was pretty short on time so I decided to go "Chibi" style which is more simple and quicker than my semi realism.

The colors are also simple, went with flat colors with a little bit of shading and minimal texture, I think it goes better with the chibi style, highlights are a must on my cutesy style.

Made with Clipstudio Paint and a little bit of photoshop.

#illustration #art #fanart #finalfantasyvii #cloud #tifa #happyvalentinesday

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Written by   10
7 months ago
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