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Teamwork makes it all easier / drip tubing

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1 month ago

Sowing is not always as easy as many people think, not everything is machines, there are things that we can do ourselves without using heavy machinery. Today I was with some family and friends implementing a drip irrigation system, this system is mostly used in arid places like the one we are going to use.

In this case it is going to be placed between a corn, which is about 2 and a half months old. Although I am still inexperienced in all this, my uncles have more experience in this area, they know the procedure to follow and I will only help in everything that is indicated to me, this installation has a water pump that can provide good water pressure, followed by a system of hoses that are going to be placed between the corn bushes, in order to be able to irrigate through holes in the hose.

This system is effective, according to my uncles it is a little slow but sure, what is expected is that this drip manages to reach the stalk of the corn bushes, without removing the soil or causing any damage to the bush, little by little it will wet everything moistening the soil and allowing the bush to take every particle of water that is vital for it and its development.

as all work is always a little complicated, the most stormy thing is to open hole after hole in the whole hose, this procedure lasts at least several hours of the day, because it must be done slowly and take a perfect measurement between hole and hole, the distance between them must be the same as between the bushes of corn.

These moments also become a bit of fun, the people started to tell stories of experiences and stories of events that have caused some impression, making the time a bit entertaining and less stormy, although it takes a lot of concentration and perfect timing to not have to do everything again.

cleaning is also important everywhere if you want to keep the place free of insects and other pests, cleaning with a machete, we chopped more than 800 meters although it seems little, doing it with a machete is not so easy, although we were several people, it took us more than 10 hours to clean the whole place, the purpose of all this is to be able to sow again suitable grass for the cattle and the grass that has been removed will be given to the sheep.

on the farm nothing is wasted, everything has a reason, if you want to have a good administration on the farm it is important to know how to manage well, in our case, we know how to use the different resources that are at hand and we manage to maintain a good balance, with healthy and well fed animals and also expand the different places around the place, cleaning these places not only expand the panorama but also we make animals like snakes leave to look for other places, thus avoiding safe confrontations between humans and snakes.

Working as a team guarantees a better performance among the whole team, my uncles and some friends know how to make clean cuts and thus avoid wasting time. The bad thing is the weather, the heat is very strong and the sun is terrible, it seems that we are in arabia, haha it's just sarcasm, the truth is that it is not easy to clean in places like this that lacks shade and the weather is totally humid.

There are always disadvantages when doing work in this way, the human resource is limited because unlike machines we humans get tired easily and we also get hurt by almost anything, so you have to be extremely careful. One of my cousins had a little mishap when he threw his machete too hard at a tree branch which had some bees on it and ended up stinging some bees. The man had to be taken to the doctor and had to be given emergency treatment.

It takes time and a lot of effort because the whole process is done by hand and has to be done by several people. Today more than ever I think that if you really want something you do everything in your power to achieve your goal.

Having a finca is something sensational, a place where you can go and drain all the stress of the city is true but it is also important to know that it is not so easy, you must dedicate time and constancy to be able to maintain a beautiful and prolific finca or at least that happens in our finca, we all dedicate time and sweat with the aim of keeping everything in perfect condition.

Every year the fence of the whole farm has to be repaired, whether it is because the cattle have broken a stick or because a branch of a tree has destroyed a fence, anything can happen and that is why it is important to inspect the whole place looking for something that is damaged.

Constancy has a lot to do here, we are aware that without that love for all this nothing can be possible, you have to really want and above all have the desire to want to do everything with the best disposition, because this work needs a lot of brute force and not everyone has the physical ability to open a hole 2 meters deep to place a stake and then close and leave firm. It's an exhaustive process and it's a process that will aggravate anyone.

"It is not easy to open a hole, your hands end up with huge blisters and the pain is unbearable, your shoulders get tired and after several hours you start to feel the fatigue of so much effort".

After such an exhausting day all you want to do is sleep, rest and think about the next day. Of course, not every day is this hard, some days are a little softer and others are worse than today, so it all depends on what you are going to do that day.

After a busy day and an enormous tiredness, there is nothing like a good cup of coffee. Every "llanero" knows that coffee is the drink that is drunk most of the day, for us it is like the substance that revitalizes and fills us with pure energy.

Thinking about all that has been achieved that day and also already planning what will be done the next day, we all get together and while drinking coffee in the afternoon we talk about everything that has been done and what will be done the next day. Among so many things, coffee time is the most respected, whenever it is 3 pm automatically everyone takes a 30 min break and goes home to have coffee, doing this every day as a routine that has been instilled from a very young age.

it's not only the coffee, it's also the animals, looking for my horse and bathing him to check that he is not sick and then feeding him is one of the routines that i like the most, the connection that exists between me and the animal is mutual.

From a very young age I had to look after him and feed him, as his mother didn't want him, of course today he is a very beautiful animal, but it doesn't mean that everything was difficult for this animal who had a very hard time from birth.

although the connection between an animal and a human is very rare, between RIo and me it is unique, i can connect with him and know when he is well or when he is stressed, the connection is so strong that i can understand what the horse is trying to tell me by making movements with his head.

my uncles think it is a lie, but i know that animals feel and remember too. they know when they like someone or something and that's where it all starts.

animals probably don't have the same memory as people but their ability to solve problems is just as good as ours.

this horse learned to open the gates of the gates, hard to believe but it is like that, he starts to hit it with his head until he removes the gauze, like this with every gate he comes across.

He is also a temperamental animal, if he is not comfortable at a certain moment he does not want anyone to approach him and if he does he starts to bite and gets all nervous.

another shared experience and for me it is an honour to be able to tell you all this.

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Written by   7
1 month ago
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