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My crypto - entrepreneurial 2021. Not just a speculative year

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4 months ago

2021 have been a year like “Whaaaaaaat?”.

Bitcoin and Ethereum and many other coins have reached their maximum price.

I started trading some tokens back into May 2018. Here you can fine one of my article, showing some results.

It’s natural that when you trade some coins, you study the fundamentals of such tokens and I have been talking about some of them like ENJ, BNB and ADA since years. This year it was the time to gather some results.

So, what has been my crypto-2021 like?

2021 has been my definitive year of deepening tokenization and I got very deep into it, creating also some theoretical use cases that may be useful to develop my own businesses in the next years.

Tokenization is something that is still far undervalued if compared to its potential. Tokenization allows the fractionalization and digitalization of assets, companies, art, music, intellectual rights and so on!

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This year I managed to start up a new mining farm installation. It’s in Russia, in a very cold place and in 2022 I will start selling the Cloud mining service. For sure there we will not have temperature problems. Cloud mining will allow us to scale up the system and during this year two collaborators have been trained and instructed on how to spread the word about the service, so I will pay them instead of huge marketing campaigns. That is more sustainable and more rewarding for them, for the work they will do.

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This year I have also started a copy-trading (profit sharing) project with an old friend of mine, strongly keen on trading and cryptocurrencies as well. We develop our own algorithm to identify the correct coins to invest in. We are currently using a DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) Money Management but we are developing a new system, more precautionary, that will lead to better results in the next bull-run.

With my Group of working, we have started developing a semi-automatic trading system, where we are going to literally hunt the black swan with a mathematical method and a Money Management calibrated onto some years of working. It will be semi-automatic because the user will be requested to start it manually, choosing a more aggressive or a more precautionary strategy of entrance and exit from the position.

I am producing a small info-product about, since we must explain very carefully what people should expect from this service AND to understand the mental approach necessary to be consistent with it. Furtnermore, this info-product will explain what led us to this development AND how to create a new mindset for trading for our customers.

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This year I have officially started paid consultancies for private individuals AND companies about cryptocurrencies, their usage and their applications into companies.

This has been possible thanks to several years of serial entrepreneurship that led me to gather experience in carrying our business in different countries, with different people and with the same key aspect: optimization and scaling up mindset. Scaling up is something that I am carefully carrying from my Chemical Engineering studies: everything had to be scaled up and we had dedicated courses about how to make things scalable.

Scalability is a mindset.

This year I have also started creating NFTs with an important Italian artist, Rossano Ferrari.

In the next days, I will publish a dedicated article about him and what is behind our NFT creation.

Here you can find his NFTs.

Be prepared because in 2022 we are going to tokenize something that nobody in the world has done until now. I will make a dedicated press release for such news.

Here you can find Rossano’s NFTs

And last (temporary speaking), but not least, I have started blogging onto Hive. It feels really promising, and besides articles about insights about news from the crypto market, some articles about freedom, I will widely write about my projects and their developments.

Of course, I am still increasing my Accumulation plan on cryptocurrencies, with some HODLING, some Staking, some Lending and some DeFi.

You can check here some things that I am doing to put my money wisely at work

So, what are my purposes for 2022?

  • Integrate a new collaborator into my team, and making the ones that I have, growing and growing, so we can manage even more projects than we had this year.

  • Develop the mining farm instalment, increasing installed machines.

  • Put on the market the Trading BOT

  • Increase volumes on the copy-trading

  • Be more present on my social networks

  • And many more personal targets to be reached

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4 months ago
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