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Mining for smartphones

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4 months ago

Since 2018, Google and Apple have banned the publication on their stores of any application designed to perform routines dedicated to mining.

The two major player of the market explained that these procedures put stress on the device leading to overheat.

This explanation is quite likely, despite the fact that current smartphones have CPU computing and engineering capabilities that have nothing to do with smartphones from 5-6 years ago.

Just think of the first Galaxy Nexus: to surf the internet and to install some applications, you must suffer almost a burning hand!

However, given the compute requests needed to mine Bitcoin, effective January 20, 2021, Google reports this wording: “We do not allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We allow apps to remotely manage cryptocurrency mining. "

Practically with this imposition, with our smartphone we can only start a dashboard and monitor how much the desktop computer is undermining.

Obviously, the computer that is set up to mine must also be connected via the same dashboard to receive commands remotely.

Officially, therefore, it is not possible to download any recognized application to be able to perform mining on smartphones.

But what about those applications that can be found on the dark web?

Well, those I would say are the last thing to waste time on.

The reason is obvious: in these software of dubious origin, parts of code have almost certainly been written on purpose, such as Malware that sneaks into the phone's memory.

Since these mining applications are resource-hungry (as it is easy to guess) an ordinary person cannot understand if the phone is "undermining" or is sending its private data to any criminal.

Moreover, even people a little more attentive and able to see which system processes are active, if the programmers have called the Malware process with any name containing the word Mining, that's it.

But if I find the right application, can I make money?


Very difficult.

Let's take an application that is not on the store but through the network it is possible to find the original one: MobileMiner.

As soon as the installation package is found (PROVIDING IT IS THE REAL APPLICATION) the installation procedure starts and that's it.

The program in the background will begin to "undermine", but on one condition: that the charger is connected.


What is produced as a cryptocurrency is not enough to pay the electricity bill we use to recharge the device!

At this point, there are only 2 applications that allow you to mine cryptocurrencies.

- PI Network

- Electroneum

I do not hide my biggest perplexity comes from the fact that the token is not yet a proprietary token with no value.

As for Electroneum, we all know the validity of the project.

In 2017 it was the first company to give "everyone" the opportunity to take advantage of digital payments. Even for those who cannot go to a credit institution.

Just 2 months after the opening of the ICO, she managed to reach the Hard Cap and carry out the project.

In addition to this, the proprietary application gives the possibility to undermine ETNs.

As you could understand from this article, smartphone mining applications do not exist, as they are officially censored by the stores.

Therefore, if some self-styled character recommends smartphone mining, you know perfectly well that it is potentially a scam.

Unless it's cloud mining, but that's another thing and official applications already exist: MinerGate is an example.

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Written by   7
4 months ago
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